Steam Sale

I was going to say every game is 50% off or more , but then realized the exaggeration might cause some confusion. I then later realized it’s kinda accurate…

Anyway, Steam Sale, huge, check it out. Titan Quest for $5 again if anyone missed it before (only for a few more hours), new sales every day. Waiting on The Witcher to go  on sale personally.

Edit: Ha, The Witcher is 75% off today, $5 score!

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10 Responses to Steam Sale

  1. Zapatero says:

    The Witcher is on GamersGate atm for $8

    • SynCaine says:

      Interesting. How is GamersGate in terms of DRM or ‘background’ software like Steam? Is it like Direct2Drive (download and never see D2D again)?

  2. Zapatero says:

    DRM yes (depends on the game), background software no. More like a typical DVD/CDR install footprint. I’ve never used D2D.

    I like a lot of Paradox strategy games, so I have a fair few games on GG already. Downloads are fairly fast. There’s no automatic updating of patches or anything. It’s fairly basic, but works well.

  3. Porto says:

    It’s $5 on Steam now!

  4. mbp says:

    My head is spinning from all the games on sale. I don’t have the time to play any of them!

  5. coppertopper says:

    Looking forward to hearing your impressions of The Witcher.

  6. Saucelah says:

    Blood Bowl 50% off today

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