The anti-WAR/AoC/Aion factor

Somewhat following up on my previous post about Rift and the different perceptions of the game between current players and those on the outside glancing in, I think the game’s momentum will continue in the months to come due to the anti-WAR/AoC/Aion effect.

Those three games, WAR, AoC, and Aion, all arrived with a ton of hype and hidden flaws. WAR was a blast in beta and shortly after, AoC had Tortuga, and Aion, well I don’t understand why people got excited for Aion other than to fulfill their flying fairy fantasies, but some did. And for most, disappointment set in shortly after release, and many felt burned for buying into the “next great MMO” hype. And not only are many burned on tuning into the hype, they are also cautious when hearing about a ‘great game’ in its first month. They experienced/heard the same thing before.

Now assuming Rift does not implode at 50 (even this early, we heard grumblings from WAR/AoC/Aion players), those who are cautious now might decide to jump in when they still see their guildmates happily playing in month two, three, and beyond. Add in that Trion knows it needs to deliver solid updates in rapid fashion ala 2004 WoW, and what is happening in Rift right now is very different to what was happening to the above three at their one month checkpoint.

Credit to Bhagpuss for sparking this post.

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8 Responses to The anti-WAR/AoC/Aion factor

  1. Gamers do learn then?

    So when Darren posted about MMO gamers having short memories, he was lying? (Trying to start a fight.)

    • SynCaine says:

      Waiting for you to post your “Rift sucks” post. You are dropping the ball here, not me.

      And Darren can’t be a target, he can only reply so many times before he hits his cap.

      • See, you missed it. I dismissed Rift back during beta, after 15 hours of play according to Raptr. I’m not scheduled to savage another game until TERA comes along. That is the 2011 plan I laid out.

  2. Jeff says:

    The rationalization posts are coming daily now. Good stuff, man.

  3. Saucelah says:

    I’m on the outside looking in. And yeah, I would attribute it in part to being burned in the past. Though more from watching people get burned, the only MMO I regret buying and playing is MxO.

    I will say that from following blogs and reading reviews, the things I read in support seem more rational than the ones that detract. I can accept that none of the systems are particularly ground-breaking but they are all well implemented. And I can accept that putting these systems together well makes for a good game.

    The ones that say it’s just like WoW are full of shit though. It’s similar, but identical? Absolutely not. In a few months, if people are still pleased with it and my financial situation stabilizes, I’ll be purchasing. The box price might go down while I wait too, which would be a nice bonus incentive.

  4. silvertemplar says:

    I’ve been playing RIFT for a month or so now. So far, good solid PvE MMO . Nothing special. I am definitely having more fun in it than in Aion, that’s for sure.

    I’d also play RIFT over WoW, simply because it’s still shiny and the flexibility of the soul system is amazing. I do a “class change” every 5 levels to keep things interesting. So it never feels like i’m “stuck” slogging down mobs with some healer bolt of crap damage forever until i can raid.

    The only flaw with Rift, considering that i did go into Rift knowing it’s a PvE game [not a PvP game, despite the features being there] , is that i was not all that in “awe” of anything. Most of the actual fundamental game is a “been there, done that” thing.

    I’ve had more “awe” in games like Age of Conan [with all its bugs and all] , simply because it was so much different.

    If you’ve played Cataclysm right before RIFT, you will walk into RIFT not exactly seeing alot of “new” things. Crafting still sucks , and just like every other themepark MMO, i’m skipping the entire system completely and not even noticing. The Open World PvP still don’t have any rhyme or reason. The Battlegrounds/Warfront is just another grind-option flawed with balance and CC.

  5. Bhagpuss says:

    Thanks for the credit :)

    I think the most significant thing about Rift may turn out to be how its gravity skews the orbits of the rest of the MMO planetary system. Only a couple of months back the direction of travel was all about payment models and variations on F2P. Suddenly we’re back in the “is it worth subbing and what’s the retention like?” discussion.

    If Rift “succeeds” and some of the recent F2P conversions stagnate or decline, then where does the market go?

    • Kyir says:

      Since a lot of people see Rift as a WoW clone, they will probably assume that they are viable again and we’ll see another four or five before people realize that they aren’t.


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