One hit wonder blogging

As readers here might remember from my yearly blog review posts, the busiest day for this blog was way back on September 6th, 2007, thanks to the BBC’s tech site link-quoting one of my posts. As with most of these random occurrences, the post quoted was not anything I would consider outstanding or particularly special, and most if not all of that traffic was one-and-done style, rather than actually attracting readers who stuck around.

My joke Rift review, currently the #2 search result in Google for “Rift review”, and one that was #1 for some time, has generated a lot of traffic. To put things in perspective, the second most common search term for the blog all time is the blog’s title, Hardcore Casual, at just over 9000. Rift review, after just a few weeks, sits at 38,000 and counting. Overall site traffic since the Google ranking has also close to doubled, and had tripled around the week of Rift’s release.

Unlike the BBC event years back, I think the Rift post has increased overall readership and participation, though this goes hand and hand with my more recent Rift-related posts. That’s a nice plus, as comments often spark ideas which lead to more content. On the other hand, getting swarmed by people looking to “link share” or pay a tiny amount to place a link is rather annoying. The extra comment spam, although handled well by WordPress for the most part, is also a negative I could do without.

Also interesting is that those who have come here via Google searching for a Rift review click the Darkfall community publishing link a good amount, yet don’t purchase often. Normally, when I post more about Darkfall, the click-to-buy rate is decently high, and when I don’t post, both stats (click and buy) drop. Seems those looking for a Rift review are also open to other MMOs, just not Darkfall. No huge surprise there.

All of this shows how little correlation exists between total traffic and blog community size (as defined by the total number of repeat readers who also occasionally comment). The “one hit wonder” posts make for some cute spikes in your stat page, but really they do little for the things I really enjoy; interacting and sharing amongst like-minded gamers. To achieve that, you truly have to be consistent with your writing quality, its frequency, and how often you bash WoWbies.

Oh, and a good blog war never hurt either.

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10 Responses to One hit wonder blogging

  1. Azreal says:

    I found you through googling Rift Review a while back and now you have a new guildie and repeat reader because of it :)

  2. Shadow says:

    *preps cannons to fire the first shot tommorrow*

  3. Derrick says:

    Speaking of blog wars, I for one miss the Syncaine vs. Tobold battles.

    Alas, next we’ll see some new blogger with a hardcore MMO mocking HC and it’s carebear themepark Rift-kiddie posts.

    Just wait, it’ll happen! *gets popcorn*

    • Gankalicious says:

      I might be up for that. We could approach it from the ‘HC’ has abandoned the sandbox community and all that. I’m perfectly poised for it given that:

      a. I’ve been reading for a few months.
      b. Am too new to know any better.
      c. I’m NOT playing Rift because of all the reaons everyone else is playing rift.
      d. I love popcorn.

      The only downside is I cry very easily at the smallest slight and wimper like a little girl when cornered on any issue so it may not be a great war.

      • SynCaine says:

        Actually reducing people to near suicide levels is the best part of FBW! Just don’t jump, and remember to never cross the tracks.

  4. Rast says:

    I miss the blog wars too. It’s how I found this blog! Of course, that was during my hardest-of-the-hardcore EvE days.

    Then one day I woke up and said to myself, “Why don’t I work this hard on real life stuff instead?” and I’ve been pretty casual ever since. Been thinking of picking up Rift actually, but the whispers about a WoW-style community-killing dungeon finder have kept me from ponying up the $50. But hell, if Syncaine likes it it must be good :D.

  5. Angry Gamer says:

    Yes blog wars are fun mostly.

    I too found this blog mostly because I knew you jousted with Tobold a few months ago… then you ended up being a rift fan too.

    Frankly I always feel a good verbal jousting gets the conversation started. But, others are more sensitive…

    Buy Rift Rast… I am not completely sure but I think Trion has better developers and game designers than anybody else with a live game.

    Just think of it this way, after so much pain in MMO about substandard feature implementations (LFG) there has got to be at least one org that can do it right. Right? Why not Trion?

  6. Saucelah says:


    • SynCaine says:

      Play to Crush! (W101 devs are the guys who made Shadowbane.

      Lesson to learn: if you make a bad PvP game, you get forced to make a kids game next.

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