Amateur hour

The kids, they grow up so fast.

Shadow’s post before the one linked above was his original (even weaker) attempt, and while it’s pretty fail at a FBW starter, it does (slightly) manage to raise one question: if you’re a carebear solo-hero WoWbie, and you are burned out on themeparks, do you leave the MMO genre or do you actually move on to something with a bit more meat to it like EVE or Darkfall?

I would suspect that most take a break and go play My Little Pony or whatever WoWbies were playing before WoW, but maybe some do grow up and learn to play a real MMO? And if so, has Blizzard finally done something to actually help the MMO genre by releasing Cata and speed-burning so many on themeparks?

Because even if just 10% of WoWbie burnouts stay within the genre and try something better, that’s a crapload of people. And sure, most of them will die once, lose some gear, ragequit on the forums, and go back to playing Candyland with their little sister, but again, if just some of them man up and stay, that’s a win for everyone who supports good MMOs.

Or maybe not, because WoWbies being WoWbies, they will likely hit the forums and demand safezones, BoE gear, and 1-to-cap progression to be measured in hours rather than months. So on second though, no, don’t switch. Go play with your kid sister or Hello Kitty (one glance at the Rift forums and you can clearly see this already happening, with requests for gearscores, recount, cross server everything, etc. Hats off to Trion for actually REMOVING the contribution indicator for rifts; huge step in the right (not WoW) direction).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why would they want to “wowify” a game if wow made them burnt out?

  2. Tim Young says:

    Not sure why Shadow’s post sparked this. Guess I’m missing something.

    • Shadow says:

      He’s making spin-off ideas based on some stuff I talked about how I see things in the previous post. In it, I talked about how I am probably just burned out entirely on the themepark genre, to the point of trying to remember what I liked about them in the WAY-BACK-WHEN(tm) machine.

      However, lacking the innate sense of biting rhetoric that stirs up the meandering masses, my FBW punch lacked any oomph – hence my silly follow up post.

      It really loses something in the explanation…

  3. Pedro says:

    I really hope they don’t Wowify the game more and instead improve World PvP by releasing a couple of areas with open PvP and some mechanics to encourage it.

    • SynCaine says:

      1.1 is adding wardstones to the droughtlands. Not a massive step forward, but still something. They just need to make some changes so that capturing/holding wardstones matters.

      • Pedro says:

        I think that their rift system, and guardian/defiant invasions could be applied to improve World PvP.

        When a defiant/Guardian faction establishes a foothold in a contested area it should give quests to players of that faction, the players of that faction could improve the foothold fortifying it and the stronger it would get the more invasions it would send around that area. It cold also have specific vendors that sold specific world PvP gear.

        The opposing faction defeating it would gain rift currencies and PvP currency from destroying it.

        But I am just a lowbie (in the 30’s) so what do I know?

        • Drew says:

          AION had something similar to this in that there were (are? Don’t know, been awhile) [Spy] quests that required you to complete tasks in the opposition’s home lands. It was a unique take at the time, but generally the opposing forces zerged the incoming portals (static positions = bad idea) making the quests nearly impossible to complete.

          This is definitely an idea RIFT could run with, and if world pvp meant something, might be enough to spark my interest in going back.

  4. thehampster says:

    Interesting, so you’re saying the ex-WoW players will then play a “real MMO” like your current obsession, Rift?

    You do realize that after all that talk about Darkfall, you’re now playing a WoW clone?

    • SynCaine says:

      A 2004 WoW clone, a game I enjoyed quite a bit.

      Given the ability to only ever play one MMO, I’d pick DF, but luckily I’m able to play more than one at a time.

  5. Bhagpuss says:

    As my grandmother used to tell me “Only boring people get bored”.

    I have an extremely high boredom threshold. I think I have been bored maybe two or three times in the last 25 years. I’ve never been bored while playing an MMO. I’m not even sure how that would be possible.

    Shadow’s original post (not the one linked to) is very fair, but I wouldn’t equate “not enjoying something” with “being bored”. They are entirely different emotional states.

    As for the tired old themepark vs sandbox thing, at the risk of playing my scratched record again it’s a completely false dichotomy. They are all just gamespaces and you can play how you like in any of them.

    • Loire says:

      Even a sandbox MMO like EVE isn’t a true sandbox but the distinction lies in the rules each game forces upon you. You have a lot more options in something like Darkfall and EVE, as a rookie, mid game or endgame than you would in any themepark. You can’t just play a themepark “any way you like” because there are rules. You have to do the quests in the rookie zone not the rank 60 zone. You have to fight monsters in the rookie zone not the insanly tough dungeon, etc etc.

      I’m sure grandma Bhagpuss is lovely but everybody gets bored of doing the samething eventually. :P

  6. Hudson says:

    Thehampster kinda has a point Syn.

    But anyway I walked away from MMO’s and the whiny blogs about them a year or more ago and went back to the nerd infused drama that is Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy miniature games.

    Same thing I was doing in 1993…before WoW….and when most of you were in diapers.

    • Ob says:

      You honestly believe that most HC readers were in diapers in 1993? Seriously? Oh yeah Syn, it’s a shame there’s not more to Darkfall currently to drag you away from your new 1-2-3 hotbar mashing, solo-friendly themepark. “No no, Rift is HARDCORE dangit!! It totally ISN’T solo-friendly!” Long live Rift.

  7. Angry Gamer says:

    To Wow or not to Wow that is the question.

    When Wow took the fantasy MMO to a greater market penetration it caused this paradigm shift in gaming. Now you have a large percentage of the Wow player base that is new to the fantasy MMO game genre. And consequently you have all these people who think WOW all day every day when considering online games.

    These Wowbies are merely the latest wave in a series of customer waves that are migrating to online games from other entertainment media.

    The Wowbies are an audience that will (I believe) VERY VERY hard customers for MMO games to attract

    UNLESS they are VERY wowlike. This is why I think SWTOR will _NOT_ be the big deal everyone thinks it is. Because SWTOR is nothing (and I mean nothing) new for a wow player EXCEPT setting, story and graphics.

    That’s it… SWTOR is Wow with different graphics (it was DESIGNED AND IMPLEMENTED that way – it was impossible to raise the funding without the promise it was going to be a wow clone with Star Wars slapped on the box).

    This causes a Wowbie to have an interesting choice. Do they take their WOW expectations to space. Or do they stay in internet dragon land?

    Since Blizzard put Wow on farm they were gambling (I believe rightly) that SWTOR would attract minimal loyalty from Wowbies. And Titan would be an effort to appeal to BOTH Wow and SWTOR fans. Thus they would leapfrog SWTOR.

    But a funny thing happened… 1) Rift happened
    2) Trion came out with a new technology platform
    3) Trion has the vision to not just go after MMO gamers but go after movie fans too

    [check out there new SyFy game offering that will… get this be TIED IN with a new SyFy SERIES. Talk about media convergence]

    So again the question is will Wowbies go to space or not.

    All I can say is … I was sure they would before Rift… now I am not sure at all.

  8. Loire says:

    Syncaine you need to take up EVE again. This RIFT nonsense has to end.

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