ForumFall mass suicide ‘soon’?

As of this writing still no activity report, but ForumFall is just about ready to jump off a bridge.

Current state of ForumFall

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5 Responses to ForumFall mass suicide ‘soon’?

  1. Dril says:

    So, what’s this new expansion/new game/relaunch thing an article on Massively was talking about?

    I haven’t really kept up with DF’s dev cycle, although a “relaunch” could tempt me to try it again.

    • SynCaine says:

      More on this after my vacation, but basically yea, I’m all for a total relaunch.

      • Coeur-de-fer says:

        If the game is to reach the potential and the scope AV seems to desire, a full overhaul seems the best method of achieving it. And, given how intertwined the various systems are, serial implementation would likely make the intervening time between first and last “update” a nightmare. I hope they take the time and do it right.

  2. Endo says:

    Same here !
    I did not like the grind

  3. bonedead says:

    Yeah there wasn’t enough questing imo, needs way more flying mounts and far less pvp.

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