DarkFall: Quick look at player-housing Villages

Last night while out exploring I came across a Village, one of the new areas added with the last expansion that supports player housing. This particular village was unclaimed, and had yet to have a house built on any of the predetermined lots. Even in its unfinished state, it was still impressive and interesting.

For starters, every house is placed in a preset spot, much like current city building works. This village had 2-3 cottage spots, 2 house spots, one villa spot and finally one large villa spot. As the village was set near a steep mountain cliff, some of the house spots were set a little higher, accessible by climbing some stairs or a rope ladder. The large villa, sure to be the ‘center piece’ of this particular village, was located right next to the village stone and had what I would consider the prime spot, being out away from the mountain and somewhat separate.

In its unfinished state, each spot had some stone blocks and beams of lumber, along with cranes and other building tools, giving it a very ‘in progress’ feel. The rest of the village, outside of the house spots, was already built and features a watchtower (with rope ladder), some walkways, and gardened trees and other minor details. Fully built I can image it would look like a nice spot and a good ‘home’ location for its owners.

Now, if only one of the many chaos chests that I’ve opened would give me a house deed, maybe I could do more than just look and imagine…

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  1. smakendahed says:


  2. syncaine says:

    DarkFall is too hardcore for screenshots, sorry.

  3. smakendahed says:

    If you really were hardcore you would have made them yourself… :p

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea I just never remember to take SS, I should have in this case.

  5. Bonedead says:

    He should case in this have.

  6. Coppertopper says:

    Are you on the NA server?

  7. I was never a fan of housing in MMOs. Something about it just seemed really dull. Of course, I like the of creating whole towns and have entire player populations etc… the problem is that they turn into ghost towns with no one in them.

    • syncaine says:

      I’m not a fan of instanced housing that is used primarily for fluff or side services.

      Housing like in UO, where it becomes a focal point for player activity I’m a big fan of though, as then it has a purpose beyond setting up your dollhouse.

    • TariqOne says:

      Player housing should be destroyable. This solves the problem of ghost towns with a player-driven solution. Also makes the house and its defense more of an issue and another way PvP becomes truly high-stakes.

  8. Werit says:

    Free form housing, ala SWG is pretty amazing. Players can be amazingly creative.

  9. evizaer says:

    I’m a huge fan of players making their mark on the world. Housing that’s in the game world and not instanced is a step in the right direction.

    I remember playing shadowbane and seeing people’s houses out in the middle of nowhere. I usually didn’t bother them but I never saw a house more than once or twice beceause people would come by and destroy the house since it wasn’t under protection from a Tree.

    I always thought it’d be cool to be able to harvest and collect materials in a physical way, then arrange them into certain slots to “build” a house in whatever shape you wish and wherever. With current technology it wouldn’t be particularly feasible, though.

  10. pitrelli says:

    Having missed the boat on UO Im still hoping to give Darkfall a bit of gametime in the near future however I dont know whether to bite the bullet and try it now or wait until the game develops a bit longer.

    I must say I do enjoy reading your Darkfall tales so keep it up.

    • syncaine says:

      On the one hand, the longer you wait the more ‘done’ DF will be (like any other MMO), and unlike themeparks, players will still be spread around the corners of the world, rather than all lumped up in the ‘end-game’ zone.

      On the other, currently on NA-1 most players are new and still learning the game (very surprising amount of actually new players, rather than EU-1 vets), so it is a good time to jump in and learn along with everyone else, even just by watching the more global chat channels. Once the server is more mature, it might be a little harder to start fresh without a ton of roaming PvP gangs killing you at the goblin spawns.

      If you have some time/money to spare now, I would say go for it. At worse, you might still find it too unfinished, and cancel for now to check it out at a later date.

      • João Carlos says:

        Yes, I think the new players are maybe 40% the population. The racial chat is full with questions like “how I sit?”

        Ok, my advice to everyone new. Please, by the love of your children, READ THE TEXT TUTORIAL WHEN YOU LOG INTO THE GAME!

        That will save you from a lot of stupid questions. And yes, I am Joon Kaarl, you can see me answering that stupid questions, again and again, at the racial chat.

        By the way, Rest is a skill. And no, that is not a failed design, it is a very wise choice for a PvP game. We don’t need more EQ and WoW clones…

  11. TariqOne says:

    Is this functional housing? That is to say, lockable and customizable and capable of storing your crap? Also capable of being broken into and having your crap stolen?

    If so, bravo Aventurine. The failure to deliver on the old website’s promise of player-designed personal housing was a major negative for me. Couldn’t buy the game when I wanted to anyway, but the lack of player housing made it less of an issue.

    If this is now fixed you can color me mildly impressed.

    • João Carlos says:

      “Is this functional housing? That is to say, lockable and customizable and capable of storing your crap? Also capable of being broken into and having your crap stolen?”


      you can put some player nodes inside.

      you need lock the doors.

      the door can be broke.

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