This is what happens when the MMO genre sucks and I have ‘nothing to play’

Random thoughts blog incoming.

Played a little more Heroes 6 beta 2. Huge improvement from beta 1. All the little UI errors are gone, skills and spells make a lot more sense now, and the multiplayer is much better. I was a little worried Heroes 6 would ship like other Heroes games before it; a solid core that lacked polish, so hats off to the Heroes 6 devs for delaying the game, holding this extended beta testing, and really taking the time to get the game right. Very happy with Heroes 6 right now.

Actually, I see no reason at all not to have free QA work (beta testing) done for an upcoming game, MMO or otherwise. Why pay for something when you can ‘grant’ fans early access and have them do it for you? Only reason I can come up with is if your game sucks and you are worried about negative word of mouth, but that’s easily solved by not having your game suck.

Still playing Global Agenda, still having fun with it. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a quick pick-up-and-queue game with some FPS-flavor. The level 30+ ‘raid’ content (10 man PvE missions that take 15min or so) is a nice change of pace, and the once-every-hour timer on it makes it seem a little special when you catch it. GA might not be an MMO, but it is a solid game.

Also still playing Borderlands with three others (thanks Steam sale). Another solid game, very Diablo-ish in many ways; kill stuff, find chests, get loot, level up, repeat. What is nice here is that usually in a shooter the weapons are all pre-determined and balanced (boring). Borderlands says screw it and randomizes it all, leading to some very interesting combos. Bit different to have a shotgun that shoots acid or missiles, verses say a sword that happens to be on fire or frozen. You still swing the sword, and while the fire is nice, it’s not game-changing. Going from one shotgun to another is (nevermind different gun types).

Also playing the game with three others means the mob difficulty is jacked up, which makes things interesting and a little more memorable. In my solo game, while I’m more into the lore (inside joke that is quickly not becoming inside) I blaze through areas without trouble, and it just feels a little… cheap? Anyway just another example of challenge = good. When you work for something it leaves a more lasting image.

Oh and Final Fantasy Tactics is CRUSHING me. Reloading almost every battle at least once and loving it. Fun to play a game somewhat balanced around min/maxing without min/maxing.


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15 Responses to This is what happens when the MMO genre sucks and I have ‘nothing to play’

  1. Drew says:

    Yep, I’ve been playing sRPGs, myself. There is nothing in the MMO environment that appeals to me right now aside from Fallen Earth, and I’m waiting for the F2P dust to settle there. So I just started up Oblivion (Oscuro’s version – the “world levels with you” idea is stupid), which I bought awhile ago but never really played. It’s nice to step into an immersive world again. (Even if I struggle with myself trying not to min/max the leveling system.)

  2. Remastered says:

    “Fun to play a game somewhat balanced around min/maxing without min/maxing.”

    Don’t min/max me bro.

  3. Gorbag says:

    FFT, what a fantastic game. I played the original nintendo version and it beat me down hard! I can’t think of another game where I had as much fun losing repeatedly. I think that was the beginning of my love for min/max – poring over the strategy guide and contemplating different comps was almost as much fun as actually playing the game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just got done with deus ex… solid… enjoyed every min of it!

  5. Beerhead says:

    Been bored with MMO’s lately too so I went back to Vanguard and been having a blast. Nice playing an MMO that actually promotes grouping and still has a nice challenge to it. If only it weren’t for the no development thing. But, really, is that so bad? I could have played vanilla wow for another 2 years before BC came out and had a blast.

  6. Syl says:

    Give an old MMO a try? That’s what I’m doing to get through the winter (until GW2!). =)
    And I really need to have a look at Bastion, methinks.

    • Dril says:

      I’ve done both of those things.

      Went back to Face of Mankind and loving it (I guess it counts as an old MMO now since it was around in ’04.)

      And Bastion is *great*.

  7. bonedead says:

    Uthgard bitch! Represent!

  8. Loire says:

    Fucking Tactics.

    It was my very first (big boy) game when it came out and I’ve played it at least once a year every year since then. It’s amazing how the same story just never gets old.

    I honestly believe the original tactics (and even War of the Lions) is the best game square has ever produced. The music, the story, the gameplay. Tactics was Square at its prime.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea I still think FF7 is Square’s pinnacle moment, but more because that game is the “Smells like Teen Spirit” of RPGs; the landscape before and after is completely different, and 100% of the change can be pinpointed to that one title.

  9. Derrick says:

    Tactics is amazing :) It’s so fantastic to play a game that doesn’t hold your hand, and won’t hesitate to beat you down if you don’t pay attention and actually *play*. The iphone port isn’t flawless, but its certainly good enough,

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  12. Dame says:

    It was my very first (big boy) game when it came out and I’ve played it at least once a year every year since then. It’s amazing how the same story just never gets old.

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