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The long list of mass market MMOs that everyone is playing

So if you did not pick up on the fact that yesterday’s post was a long-winded setup to tell you that EVE is the best MMO ever, you are either new here or not paying attention. Also if you are … Continue reading

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2000 hours with EQ, 5 minutes with the kids.

2000 hours to hit the original level cap in EQ1 is not the reason EQ1 was ‘hard’ (not a great way to really look at this, but more on that later). A harsh death penalty wasn’t it either. Nor was … Continue reading

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Twit generation is in my MMO

First, can we please stop qualifying Facebook games? “Not bad, for a Facebook game”. We don’t do it with TV (oh that show was terrible, but it was on a 3rd rate network so it was decent), we don’t do … Continue reading

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This is what happens when the MMO genre sucks and I have ‘nothing to play’

Random thoughts blog incoming. Played a little more Heroes 6 beta 2. Huge improvement from beta 1. All the little UI errors are gone, skills and spells make a lot more sense now, and the multiplayer is much better. I … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Games pitched as MMOs are not actually MMOs!

Borderlands is more of an MMO than Global Agenda. It has a bigger “open world”, a longer character progression path, more itemization, more quests, more lore, etc. Both games are limited in how many people can be in one area, … Continue reading

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Global Agenda: Looking ahead to the next update

While I have not been posting much about Global Agenda, I and a few others have been playing it somewhat frequently of late, and having a good time (InqClan if you want to join us). GA is one of those … Continue reading

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