EVE: Best 37 minutes of your weekend, possibly your year

Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 3

It’s 37 minutes. Watch it. 100% totally worth it whether you play EVE or not.

PS: That’s basically how PvP looks for me. Basically…

PPS: I have no clue wtf was going on in 90% of the battles, but I do know that watching the final battle I was on the edge of my seat. Can’t even imagine what it felt like to actually be a part of that live, or even if they knew just how close it was.

Edit: Right after watching this I loaded up Skyrim, and looking at the title screen I can’t help but question why I even bother. Damn you MMO highs. (And this one’s not even mine)

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  1. Slow Dave says:

    That’s awesome.

    I only started playing Eve a few weeks ago but I feel like I have a better understanding of end game fleet battles after that (and it’s just as epic as I’d hoped for). Surprised by the distinct classes being played there as well

  2. Rast says:

    In any other game, this would be an exploit that would be patched immediately.

    In EvE, it’s a unique property of a unique system, and something to be investigated, then used. This sort of gameplay just doesn’t exist anymore, and is one of the big reasons EvE continues to be popular even though it’s pushing ten years old now.

    • Rast says:

      Bah, they patched it. Suppose I should watch more than the first ten minutes before commenting. Still makes me want to resub, maybe once I’m done with Skyrim.

  3. Ah, this old tale. The video does explain the exploit that their opponent used. Basically, the opponent intentionally debuffed themselves and reduced the firing range and tracking (ability to keep your guns pointed at a moving ship) below zero, so that they had infinite range and perfect accuracy. That in turn allowed them to inflict full damage in all circumstances.

    After the exploit was fixed, we get to the real meat of the video: Rooks & Kings showing how to counter their favourite tactics: Spidertanking and triage juggling. Spidertanking is a tactic where most ships are able to repair each other. A spidertanking fleet can be immensely frustrating to fight, because your damage dealers are trying to overwhelm the entire fleet’s repair capability. Triage is the carrier ships’ special ability, where they become immensely strong in repairing other ships and themselves at a very low capacitor cost and immune to most forms of electronic warfare. The Downside is that they’re unable to escape, attack or be repaired by other ships until the triage mode ends after a certain period of time. With multiple carriers, one can take turns being in triage mode, ensuring that the fleet always has one super-repairer on duty.

    Rooks & Kings’ tactic relies on the Bhaalgorn piloted by Seliah: It’s a a ship specialized in draining capacitor, so it can shut down other ships, leaving them unable to repair themselves or others. They overwhelm the enemy Bhaalgorns by giving their Bhaalgorn spare capacitor from the rest of the fleet. The enemy Bhaalgorns are disabled, and the rest of the fleet keeps the enemy off-balance by switching targets, so that the enemy carrier keeps wasting it’s capacitor on repairing targets that aren’t receiving damage. The Rooks & Kings Bhaalgorn also starts to drain the enemy carrier. It could allow itself to be drained, or turn on triage mode to remain operational. But when it turns on triage mode, Rooks and Kings springs the trap and focuses fire on the carrier, which now has to fend for itself with very low capacitor reserves. The enemy does send in an another carrier as reinforcements, but it’s unable to repair the besieged carrier until the triage mode ends. At the same time, the Bhaalgorn’s already working on their other capital ships to shut down their guns due to lack of power. This also saves the Rooks & Kings’ carrier (the Archon piloted by Agent), which was in trouble due to the pounding it got from the enemy capital ships. So yeah, it was close.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Seriously. Even during our 2bil loss yesterday, that feeling in the chest as we held cloak waiting to make our move was the kind of feeling you only get from EVE. You know something’s about to happen, you’re not sure exactly what, but deep inside you’re incredibly excited. Unfortunately that excitement can lead to bad decisions, but still. That kind of adrenaline being pumped out by a video game is a masterpiece of human creativity. I love Skyrim, but I wouldn’t trade EVE for all the SRPGs in the world.

  5. bhagpuss says:

    I got motion sick within 90 seconds of watching the video. I almost never suffer from motion sickness. Same thing whether in full screen or a tiny window. Had to stop watching.

    On Rebecca’s comment, I’d pay money to avoid having adrenaline rushes. My favorite feeling in the world is calmness. Don’t get it nearly often enough.

  6. Torquil Noble says:

    Your right, it is an exceptionally well presented view of a specific story within the Eve Universe.

    I particularly like the mix of fantasy and factual filming as presented and learned some facts that were not available until now…


  7. my tk says:

    Wow, what an impressive video.
    I want to be part of soemthing like this one day.
    This is gaming at its best.

    I mean having a game telling a nice story is great and all, but a game that lets you live your story and tell it afterwards, thats how it should be.

  8. n0th says:

    What you have to understand is that 95% of the actual gameplay behind the movie is hardcore grind, unmatched by anything i know from other MMOs.
    For example, the process of finding the AHARM wormhole in reality looks like this: whole fleet idles, while one prober plays the minigame of probe scanning for 6 hours straight. No AFKing too, since you need to be ready for jump-in several minutes after the hole is probed out.

    Dont get me wrong, the movie ~is~ really impressive. I just doubt most people really want to actually be a part of it.

    • Dblade says:

      Call it the butterfly effect: never trust any video about EVE. They edit all the tedium and boring stuff out.

    • SynCaine says:

      If this was a video about what most people actually do, it won’t be a R&K video, it’d be Onyxia.

    • coppertopper says:

      Was wondering if someone was going to post something like this. The game is not at all the “I Was There” commercials, or this awesome movie. I imagine the in game clips were sped up 5X just to give some representation of action instead of the slow methodical actual pace of the game. And yet the core of the game sounds excellent – persistant non-sharded world for all players to be in at once, deep combat mechanics, successful in game economy, detailed crafting system. But from what I have read it plays like one of the old school Avalon Hill board games, which will only appeal to so many people.

      • Loire says:

        The battle’s were sped up about 1.5x. Most EVE battles are action packed just as you see in the video, it the buildup in EVE that is slow and tedious but the video made no attempt to hide that mentioning how long it took to probe down Nova both times.

    • Slow Dave says:

      No different to waiting within 10 min run of ssra temple in luclin. Happy to do it for to guild progression.

      Happy to do it then and happy to do it now. If it was easy everyone would do it.

  9. yaya says:

    That video was extremely boring. And the narrator’s monologue was very tedious.

    • Slow Dave says:

      You’re boring, your narrative sucks too

    • coppertopper says:

      I actually thought the narrator did an amazing job of offering simple explanations for what are probably extremely detailed in game mechanics. The accent helped add to the drama imo, and overall made for a great slow buildup to the final battle and in game video.

  10. Max says:

    Very nice video indeed even though I couldn’t understand a thing going on in the combat (thanks Hirvox for clarifications).

    Though looking at behind the scenes the wormholes collapsing business looks like incredibly tedious affair . EvE seems still more fun to watch from afar :)

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