Skyrim mods through Steam


Can not even begin to express how great it’s going to be to pull mods and have them auto-install through Steam. I absolutely HATE doing that stuff manually in other games, especially when so many mods are little fixes that take digging through .Ini files to get right, and you never know which mods actually work and which ones send the game straight to crashing hell.

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2 Responses to Skyrim mods through Steam

  1. Derrick says:


    I don’t mind installing mods manually or with tools, but I’m overjoyed about this. For the same reason steam is awesome, I’m a huge fan of quality control and convenience. Mods available via the Steam workshop should be at least not destructive to your game, after all.

    If you want something not allowed on steam (OMG ANIMEVAMPIRENAKEDGIRLSWITH3ECUPBREASTSTBATBOUNCE) there’s always Nexus.

    Also happy that mod debs have the opportunity to sell mods if they feel so inclined. I certainly don’t mind chipping in a couple bucks for a worthwhile mod that adds real value to the game (as many do) and the notion certainly makes me eager to get back into modding myself.

    There’s a lot of angst about that part – “people shouldn’t get paid to do what we do as a hobby!” and such, but that’s just absurd. People need to make a living somehow! I’m more than happy to help support someone making good games better (and as Valve and Besthesda get cuts, them too!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree. modders should make a dollar off their mods,”if they work”.
    hlf the mods i try fail so i think they outta fork out the bread to get em authorized first to give the consumer the idea that it works before they buy it. justa thought.

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