PoxNora on Steam, yay. SOE owns PoxNora, boo.

The good news, PoxNora is on Steam.

Why is this important?

Because SOE owns PoxNora now, which would suggest you need to use their launcher to play the game. For those of you living under a rock, SOE + launcher = fail. It’s a scientific fact. To be fair, SOE is new to this whole online thing, so let’s give them some time. 1999 is like yesterday in Internet years, right?

So anyway, hopefully Steam means you dodge that bullet. I’ll find out at home tonight.

Ah, but already SOE has screwed me, and I’ve yet to download the game!

See back in the day I played PoxNora. It was actually my first RMT game, if memory serves me correctly. And I spend a decent amount of cash on it too. Pay-to-win baby! I was a monster at the game back in the day. Just wallet-crushing people left and right.

So of course when I login to my account at the PoxNora website, what do I see? Level 1 account without a dime spent. Awesome.

Now perhaps, when SOE bought the game, they dumped all existing accounts into the trash and started everyone fresh. That sounds absolutely crazy, but we are talking SOE here, so it might be possible. But even at SOE-level stupidity, I think this is a long-shot.

The next thought is maybe SOE is confusing my general Station account (back from when I tried EQ2 *shudder*) with my PoxNora account. Maybe. Problem is, my PoxNora login ID is/was the same as my Station ID, and the option to merge accounts is no longer possible (but of course SOE still has the button on the website, and it’s only once you click it that it says it’s no longer an option. Typical SOE ‘polish’). So how does one login to an account that uses the same login ID as an existing account? Do tell SOE.

And let’s see if they do. I’ve submitted a ticket. Over/under that it takes them a week to respond? And anyone want to bet the end result is not “account fully restored, enjoy your hundreds of dollars-worth of purchases”?

How long is one company going to keep itself alive from its one hit back in 1999? Unreal.

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9 Responses to PoxNora on Steam, yay. SOE owns PoxNora, boo.

  1. Snafzg says:

    You will not find out tonight, because tonight you will be massaging your butt after our INQ in house 5v5 LoL match(es)! Muahaha.

    • SynCaine says:

      Do they allow those so far below my level to join in my games now? That’s a nice newbie-friendly feature if they do.

    • Snafzg says:

      Pffft, your record 29-28 (+1) with 1391 ELO. My record last season 34-29 (+5) with 1246 ELO. That’s a fair and balanced ELO system right there. :P

      • SynCaine says:

        See that gold icon from last season?

        See that 1599 (one f’n point) highest ELO?

        I’m semi-retired from LoL and still on a higher level than your best-ever.

      • Snafzg says:

        Yeah, I wish I could have deleted this comment as I realized right after posting it that you got a head start this season from getting Gold last season, hehe.

        As for semi-retired, I’ve been semi-retired for about 10 months (after daughter was born), maxing out at <10 games per week. That's why I don't bother with ranked anymore. My skills are too weak for it. :(

  2. Carson says:

    Good luck, I’m still waiting on the “a member of our support staff will respond to your question shortly” I got in response to an EQ2 account ticket eight days ago.

  3. Remianen says:

    SynCaine, I’m disappointed in you. :P You only need one hit (EVER) and you can carve out an entire career. There are recording artists touring on their one hit. There are game developers who are still having money thrown at them based on their one hit (hi Brad!). Bill Roper was A PART (not the driving force, not the lead) of one hit and look how many chances he’s gotten since (and the results of those additional chances).

    SOE can continue to release lackluster, half done MMOs, blindly chasing trends they don’t understand with awful customer service, in perpetuity. They wouldn’t be the first entity to do so and they sure won’t be the last.

    Here’s to hoping they can take time away from banning peoples’ alt accounts in EQ1 (and making a big deal out of it) to do a manual merge of your accounts.

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