LoL: Human stupidity proudly on display

I’ve not had a LoL post in a whole because my time with the game is pretty minimal of late (EVE+Skyrim=GG), but this thread about the Tribunal and people being banned is pure gold.

What always amazes me is just how utterly stupid people can be. Not only are they such scum that they get banned from a game like LoL by the Tribunal, but then they are stupid enough to ask why, and THEN they are defiant when given an answer.

Take this winner: “I don’t care, I won’t get banned”. Guess what shitbrick? You got banned. AND THEN YOU WONDER WHY?

Tard – “the 2nd time.. first time ok.. but 2nd time no.”

Not only stupid enough to get banned twice, but then stupid enough to suggest the second time was unjust.

Pendragon – Really? You say racist things and are surprised that you were punished?
Tard- @^: I say ‘**gga’ as a joke when I talk to my friends, I don’t mean it in a racist form at all. :l

Pendragon – Drawing pictures with wards….

Tard – I would like you to check out my 3rd ban. I think that after 2 bans, I learned my lesson and I didn’t troll anymore. I didn’t think my 3rd ban was reasonable.
Pendragon – Had I reviewed this case instead of the Tribunal, the outcome would have been: Punish // This is the most borderline one I’ve seen so far though, you’re on the road to never showing up in the Tribunal again. Keep it up!
Tard – Thanks! I try my best to not troll. Do I get subtracted suspension days? D: I WANNA PLAY ITS CHRISTMAS BREAK!

This one stands out to me. You got banned TWICE already for being a troll. You ‘tried’ not to troll after, but still did it enough to get a third ban. But hey, good effort? Wtf… It’s not like trolling is some race, where someone ‘wins’ and does not troll and the genetic failure that comes in last just earns ‘troll’ by default. Either you are a waste of space and troll, or you don’t. Black/white stuff here. And I would LOVE to know what constitutes borderline trolling, because I guarantee 99.99% of people would vote not to play with this guy if they saw it.

Tard – heh go for it. my account becomes unbanned tomorrow and it’s my first ban. honestly i’m just wondering what it was. If it’s anything regarding feeding or the like i’d say it was troll reports because i have never fed, bad games sure but feeding is wasting my time. My honest guess is probably downright vulgarity.
Pendragon – Had I reviewed this case instead of the Tribunal, the outcome would have been: Punish // telling people to go kill themselves, racism, general poor sportsmanship
Tard – edit: Worth it.

How is the above not a follow-up perma-ban?

The price of being in a pool of 15m or more I guess, but ugh.

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13 Responses to LoL: Human stupidity proudly on display

  1. ahtch says:

    Link to forum post/ article?

  2. Azuriel says:

    All of that sounds suspiciously like the snarky bullshit you hear in the average high school (or middle school these days #getoffmylawn). Since it’s “accepted” there, it’s really no surprise you see it everywhere else.

  3. Red says:

    Besides, it doesn’t even give much IP, you have very little reason to “spam punish” if you want IP. It’s negligible.

  4. Derrick says:

    This is what ruins multiplayer gaming for me. When I was younger I didn’t care, but these days my gaming time is extremely limited and precious, and all these random asshats just annoy me to no end. I miss LAN parties, and small-group multiplayer games where there are no unknown morons.

  5. Gevlon says:

    Why perma-ban him? He will get him banned again in a day.

  6. Snafzg says:

    You know what I find interesting? They say 1.4% of the game’s population has been judged by the Tribunal. Since each game has 10 players in it, that means there are roughly 14 reported players for every 100 games.

    Based on personal experience, I feel this is kind of low, but then again, the Tribunal usually only captures people who are reported over multiple games. I rarely judge a case with less than 3 separate games, meaning you can multiply that 14 base by 2-3.

    28-42 player reported players per 100 games seems a bit more like it. Sadly, that means 28%-42% of the games you play will come across someone report-worthy.

    What a pathetic statement of the LoL community.

    • ahtch says:

      It would appear you are biased first, looking at the numbers second, for what it is worth.
      Despite stating ‘roughly’, games have repeats of players, meaning far more than 100 games are played to achieve a 1.4% playerbase consideration. This isn’t something that ‘hovers’ around 100 games, it is AT A MINIMUM BEST 100 games.
      Secondly, because of the consistency issue you bring up, the number of played games would then need to be inflated again. Your numbers are skewed in the wrong direction, twice. Without hard data, nothing conclusive could be established, but from what you’re saying, you’re clearly headed in the opposite of the right direction.
      The LoL community is no more pathetic than any other if only empirical findings are concerned (ref: statement on hard data).

  7. Yshara says:

    The contrast in the community discussed in this post and the community in the previous post really couldn’t be more stark.

    For all the reputation it has as being populated with psychotic gankers, New Eden really is a light in the dark for MMOs.

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