What 2012 may bring

Stealing a blog post idea from TAGN today (not that he invented it, but reading his sparked mine, so yea). MMOs in 2012.

EVE: Assuming the server is still up (bhahaha), I’ll be playing EVE. My last go with the game lasted a little under a year, although back then I was more or less ‘doing it wrong’ and stupidly burned myself out more than anything. Part of my motivation to start my own Corp was to avoid that fate. So far so good. And with CCP recently stating that more Crucible-like expansions/patched are in store for 2012, I think everyone playing with have plenty to be happy about. How Dust 514 fits into EVE, and how that game itself plays, will also be interesting.

Darkfall: Will Darkfall 2.0 come out in 2012? Is it vaporware? Is Darkfall itself going F2P or being bought by someone else? Or is Aventurine in a better spot now with some extra funding, and can finally ‘finish’ what they started? I’m hoping the latter is true, because Darkfall did a lot of things right (best combat system in any MMO, ever), and in its prime it was some of the best MMO gaming I’ve ever played. In a genre where voiced text is seen as significant, and where the ability to experience all of the content solo is seen as a huge plus, we need more games like Darkfall that actually do something other than rehash EQ1 with a bigger budget.

Guild Wars 2: I was not overly impressed with GW2 at PAX. I don’t believe it will cure cancer like some are convinced it will. It’s number three on my list for 2012. But with all of that said, it’s number three because the rest of what’s coming or is out is horrible, so here’s hoping GW2 is better than what I experienced, and actually brings something new and worthwhile to the table in 2012. Assuming it launches of course.

The rest: Will Dawntide every get itself together? Is that Pathfinder MMO a hidden gem? Will WoW go F2P before SW:TOR does? Is 38 Studio’s Copernicus EVER going to be released? Are we finally going to get details on how Blizzard is going to tackle the Farmville market with Titan? Are all of the horrible looking MMOs (FireFall, ArcheAge, Tera) really that horrible? Is it possible that everyone on the internet is going to be playing LoL by the time 2012 ends? Am I still going to be the #1 WoW blogger on the web?

We’ll find out in 2012 (except for that #1 WoW blogger thing, that’s a total lock)

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8 Responses to What 2012 may bring

  1. theJexster says:

    2012 is a year of big questions. Is the world ending like it did back in 2000, or like it did back in 1000? Will DF die or morph into 2.0? Will WOW hit a steep decline? What will D3 and GW2 do to it’s numbers? Will someone make a mod that allows multi people into Skyrim making it the greatest game and MMO in history? And the biggest of all, not if, but how long will it take for SWTOR to go FTP?

  2. Dirtynapkin says:

    What exactly was wrong with gw2? Did you pvp?

    • coppertopper says:

      I Wasnt overly impressed with the pve videos I watched, but am blown away with the dev diaries detailing the amount of iteration being done to make all systems the best they can be. In short GW2 imo isn’t trying to whore itselt like SWTOR did, but is riding on a higher standard and will win based on that alone.

  3. Beerhead says:

    I think WoW loses millions of more subs. Swtor gains quite a bit and doesn’t come close to going F2P. Rift probably fades into nothingness. Archeage I want to succeed because it looks like a lot of fun. No clue on GW2, I lost interest months ago. If Mortal Online, Xyson and Warhammer can survive I’m pretty sure Eve isn’t going anywhere :)

  4. Paul says:

    Rift shrinks and goes F2P, SWTOR flames out spectacularly within six months, WoW comes charging back. There will be a stream of new WoW killers that fail to make much headway.

  5. no way SWTOR goes F2P its too damn fun…and good. The Pokemon Panda expansion for WoW falls flat on its face, darkfall goes under and the genre in general collapses due to the amount of shit on the market

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  7. dargel says:

    Looking forward to D3, DF2.0 and GW2 in that order.
    Then I maybe cancel my WoW sub for the 3rd time :)

    I like polished things except if the gameplay can actually overcome smaller budgets (cross fingers for DF2.0)

    Happy New Year

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