EVE: Orca purchase, region chat

While one of my pilots trains to fly an Orca, I’ve been checking contract listing for the ship daily in the hopes of catching a deal. Such a deal came yesterday, as someone had listed a rigged Orca for 300m ISK, about 100m below the average price. After checking the listed a few dozen times, trying to spot the scam, I decide it was legit and fly a shuttle over to the region to buy it. The listing was in low-sec, but I did not see much activity along the way, and the purchase was otherwise uneventful.

I noticed the region was the same one a Corpmate had spotted as a potential relocation spot, due to a few high-sec systems residing in the middle of low-sec. It seemed like an interesting spot, and since I was out in that area already, I figured I might as well keep scouting and check it out.

I found more players in the high-sec systems, and after some quick profile checks noticed most belonged to the PURgE alliance, which happen to have a public chat channel. I joined it and asked about the region, getting some very helpful information, and ultimately coming to the conclusion that this would not be the best spot for us.

The fact that EVE is played on one ‘server’ makes a lot of the above work.

Contracts, for example, are somewhat similar to a global auction house, but not exactly. They cost a bit more than local market orders, require you to physically be in the region to place a bid/buy order, and generally only work for high-end items, package deals, or stuff that can ONLY be sold through a contract.

In the case of my Orca purchase, the ‘why’ for the price listing had me curious. Did the seller intend to type 400m, hit 3 instead, and did not notice the mistake? Were they just looking to sell the ship quickly, perhaps because their account was running out and they needed the ISK to buy a PLEX (I’ve seen more than a few great deals spring up because of this, which is just another example of PLEX creating ‘content’ rather than simply being account time)? How close was someone else from buying the listing before I got it (it was posted that day, only a few hours earlier)? Whatever the story may be, I got a ship that will benefit my Corp greatly, at a price I’m very happy about.

As for the region itself; if EVE had traditional servers, one could easily imagine an alliance like PURgE being on one server, while my Corp and the rest of our region being another. Short of a server transfer, we would never interact. Yet in EVE we did, if only for a brief 30 minutes to chat. After, I went back to my region, they stayed in theirs, and life goes on. Yet that 30 minute talk was very important to me, because it helped guide a decision (move or not), and likely saved my Corp from having a tough go of things.

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4 Responses to EVE: Orca purchase, region chat

  1. mararinn says:

    The challenge here will be getting the Orca out of low sec safely.

    • Anonymous says:

      Take two frigates, one to scout out the way, and the second to web the orca so it insta-jumps. Makes the travel time alot shorter. Of course that doesn’t help if you get hot-dropped by three carriers :)

      • Kobeathris says:

        Question is if people will still risk carriers with the new log off mechanic. For all they know, the Orca is a trap.

  2. Hong WeiLoh says:

    Mara is correct. Lowsec prices on shiny ships are lower because….lowsec. lol. Also, hisec islands in lowsec are usually no bueno simply for the fact that the surrounding “moat” is always filled with VERY bloodthirsty sharks and gators. ;-) Just sayin.

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