EVE: There will be… wrecks

Last night we got a little PvP crew together to see what fireworks we could create in the last few hours of our current war-decs. We knew at least one target was active in our home system, and we also had eyes on a few others in the area. The goal for the night was just to get into some PvP-fit ships and see what would happen when we got into fights more or less on our terms.

Our first fight happened in somewhat of a scramble. As some of us were warping from one station to another, three enemy pilots in Destroyers warped to that station at about 50-60km. They quickly popped a cheap-fit Rifter we had, but I was able to use that wreck as a warp target. Once in range, I put my ECM jammers on the three ships, and got a jam on two immediately. At the same time a few other members our of fleet had warped in and begun to tackle and attack. Two of the three enemies warped away as soon as this happened, but we had one of them tackled and he popped rather quickly.

At the tail-end of that fight, another enemy from a different merc corp warped to that station. Our war with them had just expired, but a few of our guys still had aggression on him from an earlier station ‘fight’. The bad news was I was not able to fight him, and could only sit and watch as the fight played out.

As you can see in the kill-mail, he was heavily tanked, and relied mostly on his drones for DPS. He actually ended up killing Rusty’s first ship just before he ran out of cap, and the Ares on the KM is Rusty’s second ship, which he had as backup in the system.

It was both interesting and frustrating to be able to only watch as the fight played out. I was able to assess the situation a bit better, and call for people to over-heat as things got critical, but the fight would have been an easy kill had I been able to engage and jam him.

After cleaning up all of the wrecks, we then headed to a low-sec system we knew housed a pirate corp. While the numbers our scout reported did not sound great, we were looking for a fight and sent in our bait ship anyway. The ‘bait’ worked, and he was followed to the gate by a Tempest and a Hurricane. We jumped into the system, and the fight started.

I was not able to jam the Tempest despite counter-cycling three jammers on him, but my fourth jammer did get the Cain. We were working down the Tempest when more ships warped in. First another Tempest, and then a Megathron. Then some tier 3 BCs. Oh and then a carrier. Whelp.

Since it was clear that we had brought a plastic knife to a nuke fight, those who could warped off, those who could not died bravely. Seems we will need just a bit more firepower if we intend to stir that hornets’ nest again.

We scouted one more system for potential targets, but all was quiet and it was getting late, so we called it a night. Overall a good time, and another valuable learning experience. It was also good to take out a few of our war enemies right at the end to even the score a little bit.

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7 Responses to EVE: There will be… wrecks

  1. Maiello says:

    Your rusty seabutter is an imposter!

  2. Everblue says:

    I found this EVE blog recently and thought you might like it. He is a lowsec pirate and blogs about his fights. This is my favourite post so far.




  3. Bronte says:

    This is what I love about Eve. When you log in, there isn’t a pre-existing set of rules and engagements you have to follow and fall into the same pattern. Each login is different. Each fight is different. Each fight is unique.

    Doesn’t get better than this.

  4. Hey Syncaine,

    I’m planning on subscribing tomorrow morning (working right now), and I was wondering if a GMT+8 timezone person with erratic game time schedules can join your corp?

    Would you recommend I continue with my my first character, or start a new capsuleer? I can’t remember a damned thing about the controls…

    • SynCaine says:

      I’d continue with your old pilot. Whatever skill points you have are better than not having them. Can’t ‘skill up wrong’ in EVE.

      Our peak activity is generally between 8pm-1am EST, but we do have a few pilots that play at different times. It’s up to you really. We have regularily scheduled Ops (optional of course) that you can attempt to attend if you can be a little flexible, and they are both on weeknights and weekends.

      Pop into INQ-E Public when you re-activate at the least.

  5. Baredil says:

    Dropped into the INQ-E channel briefly last night, got pulled away from the comp by howling offspring, though.

    I’ve been with my current corp for over five years now, and while they’ve always been an awesome group, the corp may be drifting apart, so I’m looking at new corp options. Looking for something to bring some of the fun back to Eve, sounds like you folks might be it. Will loiter in the public channel for a few days and see what’s what…

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