EVE: The loot goes out FIRST!

I feel like it’s been forever since I did an INQ-E update, and some interesting stuff has happened. Overall the Corp is progressing forward, with our more veteran players hitting their stride and new pilots continuing to sign up. Let’s see if I can review/remember some past events.

One thing we are doing more and more of is scanning/exploration. In addition to finding wormholes, and are also taking advantage of Grav sites as alternatives to mining high-sec roid belts, and some pilots are also clearing anon sites in hopes of getting an escalation and a rare drop.

Entering a wormhole always brings the potential for disaster. While most of the time the space is quiet, it only takes one night to set you back a few (hundred million) ISK. We have had a few such nights.

The first was an epic fail all around. A few of us entered a wormhole to farm some Sleepers, and in the excitement of seeing a LOT of sites, we did a very poor job of scouting the rest of the area. Oh and we also forgot to bookmark the exit. Yup.

When the ‘welcome party’ arrived, they were not only able to destroy our ships with a seriously impressive fleet, but we also got podded since we did not have an exit to warp to. A very expensive lesson learned that night.

A different night, but the same “farm sleepers” goal, ended differently, but still poorly. We were farming away in a quiet hole, complaining that the nano drop rate was killing us, when the final site of the night dropped eight of those highly prized ribbons. As it was very late when we were wrapping up, no one was really thinking and we all just warped to the exit to leave. As this was a C1 wormhole, the last of our four battlecruisers collapsed the hole.

Our loot-filled Noctis was still inside.

While Dex did eject and then self-destructed his pod, it seems someone came along and, instead of entering the empty ship, decided to blow it up, with the ribbons not surviving. Moral victory…?

Not that all of our trips into WH space end in disaster. Last night for instance was very successful. We scanned down a C3 WH that appeared quiet, and inside scanned down multiple Grav sites. Grav sites in a WH contain all ores, including the highly prized ABC ores. Not only that, but the amounts are staggering, including a 35k Arkanor rock.

We put together a ‘cheap fleet’ of Retrievers and Ospreys and got to work, with an Itty V doing the hauling to an Orca sitting right outside the WH. While our average yield rate was much lower than when we mine in high-sec (hulks + orca buffs), the value of Arkanor more than made up for it, and mining in a WH was a nice change of pace. It was also pretty cool to see such massive asteroids floating around, especially of ores that we normally only see tiny rocks of, if at all.

On the PvP/war side of things, I was pretty surprised someone did not war-dec us over the long weekend. It seems we have bloodied up the local thugs in Amarr space, at least for now. I’m sure that won’t last forever, or perhaps we will go out and look for some trouble ourselves just to keep things interesting. Funny how as soon as I have a hanger full of PvP-ready ships of all sized, the wars stop.

On a final note, blog reader Victor Stillwater has a new EVE-based venture going at his site. If you need some PR work done, he is your man.

As he made reference to in his email to me, it is interesting that EVE has a meta-industry going, where out-of-game content is paid for by in-game ISK. EON does this, EVENews24 does it, and now Victor is giving it a shot. It will be interesting to see if his idea takes off. Best of luck man.

EVE-related blog post notice: If you would like to join us, comment here or shoot me an email. If you don’t have an EVE account, I’m more than happy to send a 21-day trial invite, and split the PLEX-related profit if you decide to sign up. Again just comment or email me.

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11 Responses to EVE: The loot goes out FIRST!

  1. Rebecca says:

    A better version of “The loot goes out first”:

    “The prober goes out last.”

  2. hevy says:

    I’m still sorry Syn….. But less now that you posted it. ;)

    That. Royally. Sucked.

  3. Zyref says:

    Problems always happen when I log off :-\

  4. Rast says:

    Prober should always be first in and last out, and ideally should be a covops so it can sit on the entrance wormhole and keep an eye on things. Especially in highsec – highsec wormholes are the most dangerous as a general rule because highsec is crowded and as a whole the population doesn’t have much pvp experience.

    Also, if you’re in a wormhole you should be watching your directional scanner like a hawk. Especially if you haven’t fully probed out everything in the system. Someone might come from another system and your scout would never see them. if you’re in BC and BS your window to spot combat probes will be very short, a few tens of seconds at the most, against a skilled prober.

    • Rast says:

      Also, I know the Noctis is a great salvager, that’s what it’s built for after all. But personally I’ve found the Thrasher to be a better salvager in unsafe areas, especially in wormholes where there’s not of loot (m3-wise) to haul. It’s harder to probe out and gets to warp a hell of a lot faster than a Noctis, and as an added bonus it has 3 mids so it can fit a codebreaker and analyzer for the sites that require them.

      I run 3x tractors, 3x salvagers, core probe launcher, cloak, 10MN AB, codebreaker, analyzer, 2x expanded cargohold, and 2x gravity capacitor rigs on mine, with the codebreaker and analyzer normally offline. If I find a radar or mag site I offline my cloak and online the appropriate mod.

  5. Mbp says:

    Is it random chance that a wormhole disappears or can you predict it from number of ships etc?

    Also I note the suggestions that prober goes last. Is this because they might be able to find another way out ?

    Finally given the high probability of pvp in a wormhole can you make do with disposable T1 ships?

    Sorry for all the questions but wormhole exploration wasn’t in the game when I played before and it sounds interesting.

  6. mbp says:

    Felt a bit guilty about askign so many questions so I went to Google http://eveonline-aghostblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/wormhole-exploration-guide-part-1.html answered them all for me.

    Answers for those interested:

    Wormhole disappearance is random.
    Prober may be able to find a new wormhole exit.
    And disposable ships ( jump clone) are highly recommended.

    • SynCaine says:

      Closure is not random. Every hole has a fixed amount of mass it can support before collapsing, and the info on the hole gives you a rough estimate on how much mass is left (50%, 10%). In addition to mass, there is also a time limit (24hrs for example).

      When one hole collapses, another opens, so if you have a prober inside, you can always get out (to there could be an issue, but better than being stuck inside).

      As for ships, general PvP rules apply: fly what you need and can afford to lose.

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