Darkfall: The siege revamp is finally here!

Holy crap a Darkfall patch! And with its own manual too. At the very least, forumfall entertainment should increase for a bit. Hopefully now AV can put the finish touches on DF2.0, wipe, and get everyone back in the game. I really miss playing an MMO.

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  1. Mobs says:

    I miss playing MMOs too, been playing dead island like crazy. I hate to think my MMO career is over. I’ll def give Darkfall a fresh go. Are they really wiping? Hope you are doing well! Added you on steam. Let’s play something.

    • SynCaine says:

      Mobs from our Rift guild?

      • Mobs says:

        Yep!! That is I!

        • SynCaine says:

          Awesome. Definitely get into vent. Wondering how the restaurant is going and all that. Sucks we all dropped out of Rift so quickly (thanks 1.2), but Allerion/Remastered/Ob and I are playing some Global Agenda and Borderlands, and I’m still playing LoL.

        • Mobs says:

          I’ll absolutely play border lands. I love that game. I Recomend dead island too, even better. Yah pvp wasn’t good enough to keep me and after dungeons could barely keep me awake, I was out. Shame too, we held the banner for that game for as long as we could.

  2. epic.Ben says:

    Is a wipe still actually going to happen – and I mean a FULL wipe, not a “stat reset but keep your gold” type of thing?

    • SynCaine says:

      They have not confirmed it one way or the other, but IMO it’s not much of a choice. Wipe = new people. No wipe = the same people playing with new toys. The game needs more people playing.

      • Adam says:

        This is just not even close to right.

        There is not some vast demographic of people that know about Darkfall but refuse to start playing unless there is a wipe.

        What the crew at Keen and Graev’s? RockPaperShotgun? Eurogamer? They will all start playing if there is a wipe?

        Not even.

        The wipe or not is secondary.

        A- people need “highsec” space to try out the sandbox. I wouldn’t have said it two years ago but I think we should have lightning towers over most of the racial areas with mid level mobs and dungeons farmable inside that ring.

        B- Darkfall needs more sandbox in crafting, pve and trade

        C- Darkfall needs some reasons for newbs of the various races to fight each other without the big clans wiping and drylooting them.

        D- Some marketing of any kind

  3. coppertopper says:

    How are you guys hooking up in GA? I have a 32 robotics that I’ve been playing with a friend of mine off and on.

    • SynCaine says:

      Generally through the Inq vent, although we have a guild up so I can invite you and you can see if people are online that way. Normally though we play stuff and hang out in vent, and if we get a few people we will play GA or Borderlands.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Siege patch that AV took months to develop and thoroughly test seems to broken. I wouldn’t worry about a wipe before DF2.0 because with AV behind the wheel, DF2.0 is probably at least a few years away.

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