Show me where the bad man touched you

In the hotly contested “Say the absolute stupidest thing about EVE” category, we have a new winner. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present:

Is EVE a game, or a platform for abuse?

Congratulations. You somehow managed to make Massively trolls look like rocket scientists with just one short sentence. /hat-tip.

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11 Responses to Show me where the bad man touched you

  1. Dex says:

    Wow, someone needs to take away that guys ability to make blogs. Seriously, unless his entire existance is one giant Troll…

    • Xyloxan says:

      To be fair, the mentioned one-liner is not from the blogger. It’s from an email to the blogger. But yes, the blogger seems to be sympathetic to this stupid and rhetoric question.

  2. hevy says:

    This can be spun by marketing into a new slogan/campaign.

    Life’s got you down? Feeling like it might not be worth it? Come kill someone ELSE while laughing, in EVE.

    Your wife is nagging you to no end and laws stop you from taking action against her? Warp in, tackle, orbit at high speed and let your drones ever-so-slowly peck your opponent to death while they beg you to stop and you laugh, in EVE.

    Your neighbor is an asshole and also purposely allows his dog to shit all over your yard? Come scam someone and then tell everyone in local how god damn stupid that person is while laughing, in EVE

    Did you not SEE all the laughter and joy brought forth for the secretly sadistic among us? As long as this campaign doesn’t bring in the pedophiles I think this would be a great success. Even if it did, this isn’t WoW so there would be
    significantly less targets.

  3. thade says:

    While often we disagree, my man, you’re pretty spot on here. That sentence has “baseless spin-machine” written all over it.

    Yes, EVE Online is a game. No amount number of pejoratives will permit you (the “royal” you) to redefine either it or the term “game” to suit your (admittedly unknowable, probably undefined) needs.

    TL;DR: Balderdash.

  4. Kobeathris says:

    Is it Friday?

  5. Wingpie says:


    Is the United States of America a democracy or a platform for abuse?

    Is Hollywood a movie industry or a platform for abuse?

  6. But, but… he says “I just want to provoke an intelligent discussion on game-related subjects” when he posts obvious trolls and claims that something ceases to be a game when it has impact on the real world.

  7. bonedead says:

    Pretty sure the internet itself is the platform for abuse.

  8. bhagpuss says:

    “a game is a risk-free environment in which you can try out various actions for fun or for learning without fear of the consequences, because the consequences aren’t real.”

    No, that’s a Simulation? A Simulation isn’t a game.

    “it stops being a game when there are real-world consequences”

    No it doesn’t. From the closure of city centers, delays in traffic and massive strain on policing resources of a major sporting event to you not speaking to your sister for an hour after she beat you at draughts, every game has “real-world consequences”.

    Meaningless definitions lead to meaningless discussions.

    • Peter Newman says:

      This line of thought was my first response, too.

      Of course, the same whining “my precious snowflake didn’t get an award” mentalities (both parents of, and people who think this applies to themselves) would be more then happy to ban all competitive sport, too.

  9. Gesh says:

    Jesus Christ, I’m getting so fed up with such baby-cry remarks. It’s quite simple – if you can be annoyed by some activity in an online game, then simply go play skyrim or something! There are plenty fo good single player games. Hell, I play a lot of HOMM3 as of lately. BTW have these people considered an option not to play video games at all?

    What is wrong with people? Why one thinks that everybody else should care about him and everybody should be very careful not step on one’s toes?

    The truth is quite simple – I don’t care about you, you don’t care about me. When I press the ‘power off’ button, you stop existing for me and vice versa. In a game where I can backstab you, I will and you will backstab me.

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