EVE looking pretty dated

One thing I hate about EVE is that it’s a 9 year old MMO that looks a bit dated. Imagine what the game would look like if it was a 2012-era game? Would be pretty mind-blowing, right? Especially if you spend some money on it too. Damn stupid niche game with it’s low-res textures and dated effects.

Note: I spent 5 seconds finding the second link. I’m sure I could find much ‘better’ examples.

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  1. Anon says:

    New missile animations = win^10.

    Finally makes me happy I trained all those Caldari ships.

    Who cares if they take forever to arrive. Fire torpedoes!

  2. Gevlon says:

    EVE graphics isn’t ugly at all. My first “whoa” moment was seeing the blue sun of Jita. And back then I didn’t know it was a Hub, I simply followed the buy orders. But when I saw the blue sun, I decided that this system will be my home. I choose wisely.

  3. Kobeathris says:

    That TOR video reminds me of the walking around bits in Freelancer, which came out the same year as Eve.

    Also, I want to train missiles now, this makes me sad.

  4. thade says:

    I lol’d. Looks like middling to low video settings on the system that was running SW:TOR in that example; looks like maxed settings on the system running EVE. Marketing 101, there.

    It’s an interesting comparison to make, even if you do benchmark them on the same system (I have run both on mine, both with settings cranked). SW:TOR is highly stylized; EVE has a bit more of a realistic scheme going on. Not to mention, SW:TOR is currently a ground game while EVE is currently a space game…each with a mini-game around the other side (if the whole “walkin around your lil office space” in EVE can be counted as a mini-game). Apples and oranges here. EVE has an easier time (it’s all skybox and a relative handful of objects to draw, unless it’s big-battle time which is why TiDi was implemented) and hit my video cards much more lightly than SW:TOR has.

    • LindaP says:

      You were trolled. The video was for Star Wars Kinect, published by Microsoft which, unlike DUST, runs on the XBox.

      SW:TOR is published by BioWare and runs on Windows PCs.

  5. Red says:

    I quit SW:TOR after 30 minutes of game play because of the horrible graphics. It looked worse than 2004 wow.

  6. When this gets implemented, a 200 ship Drake fleet launching missiles is either going to be mind blowingly awesome or completely crush my video card. Possibly both.

    @Thade – TiDi is only for CCP-side back end processing. It helps in tracking all those missiles. It won’t help much with frame rates when it comes down to drawing all those missiles.

  7. Azuriel says:

    Yeah, EVE looks good… when the UI is turned off. This video is a textbook example: lookin’ good up until 0:40, when it transitions from 2012 spaceships to 1999 Geocities UI.

  8. adam says:

    I didn’t mind the SWTOR graphics. I felt like they captured the look and feel of a Star Wars animated series or something. I even found them quite appealing in some instances.

    Of course, I felt quite different about the game itself.

  9. Ephemeron says:

    EVE’s visuals + SWTOR’s sound. Make it happen.

  10. Sooru says:

    Whoa that’s beautiful… makes me wanna take up EVE so much more. But like Thade said, hardly a just comparison since EVE doesn’t have any terrain to render.

    • Sooru says:

      Now what I would like to see is a Star Wars game with Borderlands style visuals turned up to eleven, reminiscent of this.

  11. mbp says:

    Lol Syncaine that video sure is pretty but I would counter that the game looks nothing like that when you play it.The beautiful space vistas are hidden behind EVE’s very ugly and very old fashioned user interface. Yes CCP have made a lot of quality of life improvements since Crucible but they are all just sticking plasters over a user interface that does look and feel very old fashioned.

    • Kana says:

      And TOR interface is magical, totaly 2012(AD) year shiny thing full of pretty pony’s and butterflys?

      Lol to you too sir …

    • I would dispute the “old fashioned” statement. I cannot think of an older game from which it might have been modeled. And elements that might be considered rather well aged… such as the Excel-like view of your wallet… seem pretty suitable to the data it is intended to display.

      In fact, one of the problems EVE has with UI is that it is an MMO that is doing stuff that other MMOs don’t do, so it is more like they are out on the bleeding edge than being old fashioned.

      In how many MMOs do you have to worry about as many things as you see in the overview… ship type, range, traversal velocity, standing relative to you… or deal with group sizes up to 255 players? Who has as many UI elements for end user interaction as EVE?

      The EVE UI is much maligned… often for good reason… but it is trying to do stuff that you just can’t do elsewhere.

  12. preben says:

    I like the eve stuff here but isn’t it about time you let tortanic and the other themeparks go?

    Or did they molest you somehow?

  13. Gesh says:

    Honestly, I don’t give a crap about TOR’s game/graphics, but my problem with eve (which in general looks excellent, yes) is this – it really doesn’t look anything like the movies. While the movies show you epic high paced battles with incredibly beautiful visuals, the battles itself is – more or less – staring at green/red/blue squares, waiting the grey bars to turn red and finding the right primary/secondary.

    I remember an speech, given by one of the designers of Skyrim, explaining how important is, that movies of the game can give you the true feel of the game. eve fails pretty badly here.

    • SynCaine says:

      You never tanked Onyxia huh?

      • Gesh says:

        I did, what do you mean? That I see only a single nail from the whole battle? And a giant bear ass, if I play a druid? This doesn’t make eve suck less.

        • SynCaine says:

          My point is that in certain situations, function > looks.

          You CAN make EVE look like the video, but you can opt not to when the situation calls for it. If WoW gave you the option to turn the game into icons, anyone serious would take it. You don’t because unlike CCP, Blizzard never gave you the option to do more than stare into a disco kaleidoscope for hours.

          The shiny being an option is better than the shiny not existing at all.

        • Gesh says:

          Sure, but my point was not only about fluff. The battles look very dynamic, while in reality, they are quite boring. and yes, I mean the pvp stuff, not missioning.

        • SynCaine says:

          Serious question: Have you actually PvP’ed in EVE?

        • Quelldrogo says:

          Hit the tab key, it windowshades all the EVE boxes so you can see the pretty pixels.

        • Gesh says:

          Serious answer – I’ve got a character in RvB.

        • SynCaine says:

          Ok so we just have vastly different views on whats boring in an MMO.

        • Cyndre says:

          I have an RvB alt as well… you think PvP is boring? Why are you playing Eve?

        • Gesh says:

          I won’t in about 2 weeks, when my account expires. TBH, I find more fun in TF2 than in any MMO these days.

    • I turn those boxes off in my fleet battle overview set, since they do me no good in any case and just degrade performance. So when I toggle UI off for screen shots (I’m the guy in the fleet not shooting because I am too busy taking pictures to cycle my launchers) I actually get some pretty good battle pictures.

      They still mostly don’t look like the promo films because fleets rarely seem to fly in such nicely spaced formations. But they look good.

      Only once have I gotten a screen shot of a fleet that looks somewhat like the promo shots.


  14. Caramael says:

    It looks great, but what’s the point? Afaik most players play EVE zoomed out so far there is nothing to see but simple colored squares and damage notifications. It sure allows for some nice promo-vids, but that’s about it imo.

    • Serpentine Logic says:

      Eve is still quite pretty when you have the tactical grid on. There’s zoomed out, and there’s zoomed out if you know what I mean.

    • Cyndre says:

      Being zoomed out depends on what you are doing really. I can often see my ship textures, though sometimes its just a blob of tiny green, red and purple boxes.

      It really depends on what you are doing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yeah agree with Carameal about the point of eve and how it’s played. However the core mechanics are starting to get very dated and look crude, with space ships bounce of each other like there in giant condoms. Yeah the graphic updates are pretty however they are just distractions from the real work that needs doing.

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