EVE: Fighting RMT

Really great post from Nosy Gamer about RMT and how CCP’s recent actions have impacted sellers. Well worth everyones time, EVE player or not.

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10 Responses to EVE: Fighting RMT

  1. Devore says:

    CCP definitely got it right with the PLEX system. It puts a ceiling on how much RMTers can charge (although apparently not!) limiting their profitability. An informed consumer would not buy ISK unless at a significant discount from PLEX due to risk from both the seller and CCP, which is probably why IGE got out of the business. Are the rest counting on buyer ignorance of the PLEX conversion factor, or even the ability to buy/sell PLEX?

    • carson63000 says:

      Well, the black-market ISK _used_ to be significantly cheaper than legitimately buying a timecode, converting to PLEX, and selling in game. That’s why it’s so important for CCP to take vigorous action against black-market RMT – if they don’t, the PLEX system actually give a massive incentive to it (why pay $15/month to subscribe when you can buy cheap black-market ISK and use it to buy a PLEX?)

      It’s fantastic to see the median price gone up so high as to make it really really dumb to buy black-market.. and hilarious to see some people charging _more_ than the legit market price.

  2. Caramael says:

    Unfortunately it created another (imo even worse) problem, which is multi-boxing being rampant in this game.
    CCP is really smart at beating the competition though. I bet they’re beating them at selling in-game advantages for real cash by a huge margin.

    • Hrmm… can you explain why multi-boxing is an issue in EVE?

      • Caramael says:

        Because it’s RMT, just in a different form. There’s really no need to discuss it though, because accepting RMT in a game is just a matter of personal preference (you can guess mine).

        Note that the subject of this post should be changed by the way. CCP is fighting *illegal* RMT (in order to rake in the cash themselves).

        • Paying for a subscription is a Real Money Transaction, yes. So, by definition, subscribing even with a single account is RMT.

          Usually people who are anti-multiboxing have a specific reasons. In EQ, for example, the anti-boxers claim that it kills social grouping if you can bring along your own healer and such.

          The thing with EVE is that yes, paying for multiple accounts lets those with money gain advantage. But with PLEX in play, you can earn ISK to pay for your subscription, so the playing field is actually more level than in other games. People with more time than money benefit.

          Finally, it should be *illicit* RMT. Saying “illegal” implies that it is against the law, while “illicit” stretches to cover things that are unauthorized.

        • Caramael says:

          Like I said, I think it’s a matter of taste. I don’t like mmo developers trying to level the field by introducing money into the equation. Imo, those with less time should be happy with a more modest role in the mmo they’re playing. If it’s “fair” competition you’re looking for, go play a game with a level playing field.

          It’s CCP themselves who call buying and selling illegal, but you’re right nonetheless.

        • Anonymouse says:

          “Illegal” is the correct term.

          The game assets, including ISK, are the legal property of CCP and the unauthorized sale/purchase of someone else’s property is prohibited by law in most countries, including Iceland.

          Players do not own anything in the game. The EULA is very clear on this issue. Your sub fee entitles you to play the game and use/exchange the assets, incl. ISK, within the game only.

        • Noizy says:

          I believe that the correct term is illicit. Illegal means that a law or statute was violated. That isn’t what happens with the sale of in-game currency by third parties. That practice violates the EULA/TOS, which means it is not legally permitted because of a contractual agreement. I know it is kind of nitpicky, but that’s my understanding, so I’ll always use the term illicit.

  3. PLEX does seem to be situated at the right price now to put pressure on illicit RMT sales. Plus, it gives a good benchmark as to how effective those measures are. Any illicit RMT vendor selling for more than PLEX prices is clearly losing the war and has to be depending on ignorance, uncertainty, or laziness to continue in business. (The latter two based on the fact that you have to sell your PLEX on the open market, so you there is a time and exact price factor in play.)

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