Massively editors taking the day off

Oh Massively.

First, I guess the ban on EVE posts has been lifted? Or did this get fast-tracked because Mittens was not directly involved? I mean it only took a few hours to report on this item, while it took a few days to cover the biggest MMO player event of the year, and even then it was poorly done. Maybe it’s just Matt Daniel grinding hard? Or maybe he slipped this piece by the editors, as his opening would suggest?

Either way, the final paragraph is quality stuff. Glad Matt is vigilantly watching the story as it develops. Maybe he’ll come to the conclusion that, just maybe, CCP employees are also trying to slay some monsters and can’t login, so decided to have a little fun with everyone’s frustration? God forbid anyone jokes about anything in the super-serious realm of gaming.

(I miss Massively being legit more and more every day)

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  1. I have to say though that it is still common practice for old hands to make sure they have a long skill in place any time CCP does a big update to EVE. CCP has its own reputation of servers being down for extended periods. Thing have been better of late, but you can bet that people will remind them of this should they falter.

    • SynCaine says:


      But I don’t see this as CCP claiming to never have issues. I just see it as CCP saying to EVE players that they can play EVE while they, and likely CCP themselves, wait for D3 to actually work for most people.

      It’s not so much the message, it’s how Massively decided to cover it.

      • Heh, boot.ini, best install ever!

        Well, yes, that does look like something I would post for a quick laugh… though I would have stuck with, “Heh… look at funny picture!” along with an obscure literary reference that nobody would get.

        And the usual selection of excellent, well thought out comments has shown up as well. I seriously think they need to go to a “letters to the editor” format.

      • carson63000 says:

        Gotta say, the message and the coverage have combined to leave me with a lower opinion of both CCP and Massively.

        • Rammstein says:

          Yes, how dare CCP make a small little joke at Blizzard’s expense! It’s not like Blizzard has ever made fun of other gaming companies, say Bioware as recently as one month ago: (

          Oh wait. Personally, I’m glad that both CCP and Blizzard have a corporate culture that allows the expression of humor publicly.

  2. spacepilot says:

    To the casual observer, you seem to have something of a crush on Massively because you devote a blog post to them once or twice a week at a minimum. Is it a traffic thing? I don’t know how that all works.

    I’m not sure where the nerd rage comes from when it comes to those guys. There are worse gaming sites, and there are better.

  3. Noizy says:

    Kotaku was even snarkier. “EVE Online developer CCP takes a break from running massively multiplayer online games less successful than World of Warcraft to poke fun at those diabolical Diablo III errors.”

    • Dril says:

      I suppose when raging about Massively you could always look at Kotaku for true amusement.

      P.S. Paid bloggers can do what they want, because they’re not real journalists/press/media. You need to remember that, peeps.

  4. theJexster says:

    Off topic but I thought this was a good place to ask about this game. Anyone know anything about it, is it good etc? ArmA 2 DayZ Mod

  5. UnicornDick says:

    I hear Eve is a niche market game.

  6. lyss says:

    I feel kind of sad that some writers actually get snarky and ,with a stupid fucking grin on their face, make a joke about ccp getting not the same amount of money then blizz.

    In what fucking world is it ok to be forced to play a singleplayer game online and instead of a beating the worst you get are some jokes about your company while the majority not only buys your shit but goes as far as defends you for your practices.

    • Zyref says:

      In the world of software theft prevention.
      They get to validate everyone who plays the game, and they can shut down your paid venture at any time at their whim.

      In other news, Diablo 3 is “meant” to be played up to 4 player over battlenet. They feel anyone who plays Diablo 3 solo would be an abberation on the order of solo starcraft players or world of warcraft players (both games with arguably strong solo game-play and shallow multiplayer game-play).

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