EVE: WH life is like a box of chocolates

One of the more well-known challenges of living in a wormhole is the dynamic nature of the space and what it provides. The only guarantee of our hole is a low-sec exit, and while we can roll that exit if the low-sec system is not to our liking, it’s entirely possible that we roll a bunch of holes and never get what we are looking for, or get it too late in the night to really take advantage.

Last night was not such a night.

During the day our scouts picked up an exit into null sec space, and during the early evening the scouts not only scanned down a 8/10 Angels site, but a C3 entrance to an abandoned hole, with that C3 containing a good number of anom sites as well as mag/radar sigs. As this info was posted early, we had a good crew already online by the time I got on, and we needed all the help we could get to clear out all of the content, so it was very much a ‘more the merrier’ situation.

The 8/10 complex site was interesting, especially compared to the Sleeper sites we have become accustomed to. Each individual ship was much easier than a Sleeper, but the final room had more than 60 enemy ships all attacking us, without switching targets like Sleepers do. In what is now somewhat of a tradition for us, one member lost a ship due to scrams and the heavy incoming DPS. But in a true sign that it was our night, the other C3 also had an exit that was just three jumps from Jita, and he was able to quickly buy a replacement and rejoin us.

The final enemy in the complex was actually a structure with incredible shield and armor regeneration. As our volleys hammered it down, it would quickly recover before we did too much damage to its structure. This yo-yo would continue for a while, but when it finally hit 0 structure a real surprise awaited us inside; a Macharial BPC worth about 900m ISK. Not a bad reward for about 30 minutes of shooting, especially when you add up all the bounties and salvage.

Once that site was finished, and the Mach BPC was safely transported back to our WH POS, we jumped into the C3 to clear its anoms and sigs. The nano-ribbon gods were on our side for once, and we ended up hauling out just under 1b ISK worth of loot from the C3, despite not fully finishing every site due to time constraints.

The above, and some favorable spawns inside our own WH of late, means we are in line for a rather nice payout once everything hits the market this weekend. Just in time for our planned PvP roam.

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5 Responses to EVE: WH life is like a box of chocolates

  1. Cyndre says:

    It was my first Null Sec experience and it was a blast! Great write-up.

  2. Latrodanes says:

    Congratz. It was starting to sound like you guys were in a bit of the doldrums there for a while.

  3. kalex716 says:

    Nice score. What were the statics in the C3?

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