Full circle

Find your own items and get rich without doing anything annoying. – Gevlon

Today Gevlon’s advice is to play for fun, rather than grinding the most soul-sucking activity just to maximize ISK gain. How far the little guy has come. Next he’ll be shooting guns and creating a Corp of his own.

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  1. Years with WoW and he kept the same attitude. A few weeks with EVE and suddenly he is a new goblin?

    I think there is a lesson in that somewhere.

    • Ataraxzy says:

      There is: EVE is a case study in disproving the principles of hard-line Libertarianism: the most enduring structures are overtly democratically socialist.

      Even Goonswarm provides a welfare state in giving free ships out.

      Someone should write a paper.

      • steelhunt says:

        Sadly, the real world isn’t.

        • Ataraxzy says:


          You’re saying that the real world supports the conclusion that hard-line libertarianism is beneficial?

          That seems an extremely unwise proposition.

      • Zirce says:

        EVE is a libertarian’s wet dream. Goonswarm might play at communist but they endure because they a) know how to get people to log in and b) have a high ratio of poopsockers.

  2. Bristal says:

    Another take is that the EVE economy is resulting in little for a goblin to write about. Note that this morning the post you quoted has zero comments. I’ve been reading Gevlon for years and have never seen that.

    The goblin hasn’t changed, he’s just bored. And his posts are struggling for a voice.

    Granted, all my EVE knowledge comes from you and Gevlon, but it seems more a social game than WoW. As a sandbox, the interesting parts of the game are player created.

    Gevlon doesn’t like people, or schmoozing, or building consensus, or even ganking for ganking’s sake. Other than taking their money, he does not care about player created content. He likes data, and simplifying apparent complexities, and figuring out the rules from his unique perspective. He also likes seeking advantage to his asocial nature.

    I would be surprised if Gevlon continues playing EVE much longer.

    • SynCaine says:

      He is already social. He created a chat channel to hang out in, and his new blog direction is to make it a “EVE for Dummies” trading guide.

      As for writing topics; it’s tough to rehash “this is how you station trade” every day when all of this info is already out there. Look at the post today; +5 implant trading and all it’s implications have been around for years, and a quick Google search will reveal that. Its only new to the WoW players that still read Gevlon, which might explain the direction he is trying to take his blog in now.

      To actually produce truly new EVE econ content, you have to do something truly new in EVE. That, however, is a lot harder than station trading and simple hauling.

      • Lyss says:

        You can see social/asocial from many different points. He already had a channel and guild in wow, which he obviously considered asocial since it was all strictly buisness.

        You can say he is a social but I’m szre he will find enough arguments which show that he is not, I could. I also could argue for your side. I dont think its very wise (for the lack of a better english word) to get all messed up in definitions like he seems to do.

        what I found funny was that, while he was playing WoW, he often wrote about players, behaviour and such. He had things to tell and to show in which he directly participated. Now that hes in eve theres nothing of this sort, its just get isk here and “I try to get isk with that” theres little to no more analysis on the people he plays with.

        I think he needed that, the direct contact with his morons and slackers, at least then he had something to think and write about, not just ways to get more isk.

      • Cyndre says:

        You told me this when I first started and it has remained true since…

        “Every time I find some new and exciting way to make ISK in Eve, I later realize that the majority of top eve players have already found, tried and abandoned my amazing idea, because it is actually sub-optimal.”

      • Hong WeiLoh says:

        “He created a chat channel to hang out in, and his new blog direction is to make it a “EVE for Dummies” trading guide.”

        Wait…so now he’s turned to helping the “M+S” he hates so much? Sounds like a new goblin indeed…. ;-)

  3. Antivyris says:

    I think what’s really happening is he comes from being used to only being able to operate in a rigid structure. For him, time and efficiency are everything.

    However, he just hit a game where your income is almost completely based off of how much time you put into things, and your goals are limited by your profit margins and capital. In WoW, that’s not really the case. I think it finally set in that his ‘major profits’ are only major profits for non-market-pvpers, and the actual market players consider them modest at best.

    Maybe he finally understands that he should be engaging in market pvp on the same level as others, not the bottom level and tout it over the non-market players that only make what they need.

    • Cyndre says:


      Except we have been saying this for a long time. Syncaine has at least three posts basically saying exactly this over the past month.

    • Devore says:

      You’re being generous. For true EVE economy tycoons, Gevlon’s profits are just rounding error they wouldn’t bother getting out of bed for. I think he’s realized that a while ago, and only recently has it really sunk in, as has the magnitude of his original task, to become an EVE tycoon himself.

      • Antivyris says:

        Nah. While rounding errors they would be, this is more like moving from Plagioclase to ABC. Oh, wait, non-mining reference… It’s like moving from L3’s to L4’s (Non-blitzing).

        At this point, he has to decide whether moving to blitzing 4’s or even blitzing 5’s, or live in normal L4 world. A lot of us who at least somewhat enjoyed his WoW topics hope he does this, but it’s starting to look like he’s not.

  4. steelhunt says:

    “You aren’t bound to a few “large” fields like it was the case in WoW. There you were selling glyphs or doing it wrong. Here you can trade items related to whatever you do anyway and get hundreds of millions for it. You don’t have to go out of your way to make money, you can make money on anything.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite hobbies is quoting people out of context too.

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