EVE: Holding pattern update

As things heat up in null-sec (Delve War), things in our WH have cooled a bit. Or more accurately, we are in a bit of a holding pattern as ‘secret plans’ cook. This, combined with DayZ fever spreading and LoL adding an ARAM (all random, all mid) ‘official’ map, has reduced not only my playtime in EVE, but many others in the alliance as well.

One of our plans, a fun little side Op, has been getting pushed back due to logistics. When it does happen, it will either be a spectacular success or a very interesting miscalculation. Either way, it will provide some fireworks, and will be a good event to see just how much manpower HAHA can field when we need to. I’m hoping the execution date does not happen while I’m on vacation (Late July and early August), but otherwise it should make for an interesting post or two.

Our other plan is more long-term, but is again logistics-dependent, with a good bit of luck also thrown in. More on that whenever the stars align, but it should be something that keeps the entire alliance very busy.

The trouble is that beyond our regular activities (sleeper sites and whatever our static may bring), not much is happening, and when not much is happening deep inside WH space, you are somewhat stuck. My main account is inside the WH, my second is camping our old C3 WH (which we can’t seem to sell…), and my third is in the middle of a training plan related to one of our secret little Ops.

It’s funny how three accounts STILL limits you when you get this deep into WH space, but such is life in EVE. In Empire or even our C3 it was easy-enough to run a site or mission solo to pass the time, or take a trip to Jita to buy a new toy. Right now my main has just his two Tengus in our C5, with all his other ships stored and waiting in Jita (thanks Redfrog).

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14 Responses to EVE: Holding pattern update

  1. wartzilla says:

    Hm, no gang roaming in whatever systems your WH connects to? :c

  2. dexterbremen says:

    Hell, I solo roam, or seek out Lowsec/Nullsec holes. Syn just never seems to login anymore…

  3. wloire says:

    It becomes a bit of a self motivation thing to get into solo activity when your in a C5 WH and there’s always that fear that should you make one wrong move, then you’re stuck god knows where.

    There have been recent PVP OP’s with the HAHA gang which have been fun. It’s the normal EVE trade off, the fun isn’t as consistent but when i does happen it’s a lot better than anything in High Sec.

    • dexterbremen says:

      Heh, that’s why you don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose (Odd saying that, considering I roam in a Cloaky T3), and try not to fly around with too expensive Implants, for the inevitable Pod Self-Destruct.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In a WH right now and lots to do even solo if i’m on for a while…Problem is not a whole lot to do if i’m only on for an hour or 2…
    easier to go play tanks or lol

  5. Maineiac says:

    I’ve got a fever – and the only prescription is more DayZ!

  6. spinks says:

    So, have you lasted in EVE 6 months before getting bored yet?

  7. Paragus says:

    If the EVE guys need a place to hang and play Day Z, they can hang in INQ vent and I can make a channel. Cora and Ant also have it and I’m sure would love some backup.

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