GW2: Server = Jade Quarry

Inquisition will be playing on Jade Quarry, so if you have been following this blog and are considering playing with us, make that your home server.

A lot of factors went into the decision, but overall we feel that server will have the highest concentration of skilled PvP players to consistently dominate in WvW, and WvW is the primary focus for Inq.

I think almost everyone is in agreement that come launch, no matter the server selected, things are going to be less-than-smooth. I’m hoping they won’t be 2004 WoW bad, but you never know, and trying to dodge high-pop servers seemed like a poor short-term decision in what we expect to be a long-term investment of time/effort.

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8 Responses to GW2: Server = Jade Quarry

  1. saucelah says:

    One of these days I will try to remember my password for the Inq forums and put an application in again. But there was a special release in Glitch and I’ve been grinding there for days.

    Do you guys plan to cap the guild or to be open for a bit post-launch?

  2. Paragus says:

    You can PM me on the INQ forums with what you want your password to be and I will change it for you. No plans to cap the guild as of right now, but I am not certain how many exactly we will have.

  3. Cesar Malari says:

    Doesn’t the system balance WvW to put you in matchups with similarly-ranked worlds? Naturally, it’ll take a number of cycles to work itself out, but eventually you’ll just be playing WvW against other worlds that are just as dedicated and organized as yours, right? And those who are on a less ‘dedicated’ WvW server will be matched up against other servers at a similar level?

    Ie. the reason to be on a big-time WvW server is the *competition*, not the in-game *rewards*, right?

  4. coppertopper says:

    seems like a logical choice. Might want to watch where Team Legacy rolls – they are ridiculously organized and focused. Will be a force to be reckoned with in WvW.

    Also curious – where does Inq lie regarding time spent in WvW v SPvP. Is there a preference in the guild?

    • SynCaine says:

      I think most of us are focused on WvW. I’m not aware of any major plans to hit sPvP hard. For me personally I’ve got LoL if I want small-scale PvP.

  5. João Carlos says:

    As you are going mainly for PvP, can be a good idea update your GC drives. Before, some players were saying for try the beta drives, that that ones gives better FPS.

    Now, Anet official site is giving the same advice. Theys said they made most of optimization and they showed a graph with GC performance and said can have a big diference with some beta drives.

  6. SlothBear says:

    It’s a pretty good quarry, as quarries go.

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