EVE: Perspective

My bro just wrecked his old car. It was worth less than this internet spaceship. – bt

Talking about this loss. The statement made me smile and reminded me that not everything in MMO land is F2P garbage or content aimed at child-level intellect.

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8 Responses to EVE: Perspective

  1. Did you miss my post about the second CFC titan going down?

  2. SynCaine says:

    No no I saw it. Interesting day in New Eden.

  3. Actually, I regretted the way I put that… silly question whether you saw it or not… when all I really meant to point out that it was indeed an interesting day in New Eden.

    Killing titans… or even the possibility of killing titans… gets everybody excited.

  4. professer says:

    Ugh. I just ran into someone I used to know in EVE who was trying to talk to me about his return to the game and about gevlon’s blog and how legit he is. The phrase “wow blogger turned EVE-expert :3”
    was used.

    I wanted to killmyself and had to run here and vent it. Sorry for offtopic.

  5. spinks says:

    I’m sure people spend tons of money on F2P garbage too! :) Which was that game that was selling something for $1000?

  6. Shadow says:

    I relayed that same quote to co-worker after reading it at themittani. Did the math on the estimated price and realized that Titan had a real-world value just shy of $4,000.


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