DarkFall 2 is actually going to happen?

Save me from the meh AV, save me.

Second honeymoon to Greece time!

PS: Tasos looking jacked huh?

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22 Responses to DarkFall 2 is actually going to happen?

  1. Dà Chéng says:

    Whoohoo! I hope it gets a critical mass.

  2. Paxx says:

    Over/under on Nov 20?

  3. Adam says:

    So it’s nice that he comes out and talks about their motivation in “creating a new game” ie Darkfall 2010?


    I have no trust in the Darkfall devs not to turn around and do EXACTLY the same thing.

    They have learned nothing about how to do sandbox “expansions” and updates ie slow trickle of features and updates.

    I have no trust they wouldn’t do exactly the same thing again.

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  5. Chris says:

    Can someone explain what there is to be excited about? They literally announced nothing with this “announcement.” The key features on the page are cut-and-paste DF1.0. The only tantalizing bits they could drop are the possibility of a land reset and that sieges are being reworked. That will do nothing to get new people into the game and is a severe disappointment of a re-release.

    • SynCaine says:

      Release date for one (that I’d be shocked if they stick to)

      Also the end of beta (DF1) and the full release (Unholy War) is coming. Think of it that way, and it’s far more exciting and realistic.

  6. Drew says:

    Apparently Tobold thinks it’s Friday.

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  8. Dril says:

    Very much looking forward to it.

    Here’s hoping this might be the Mount&Blade MMO I’ve been waiting for.

  9. And why isn’t there a freakin’ search box on your blog? I wanted some EuroGamer quotes!

  10. theerivs says:

    Darkfall peeps sent me an email to tell me, I never even played the game. The only thing I know about Darkfall is from you. LOL!

  11. tithian says:

    I may be going blind and/or deaf, but… where did they announce a date? I couldn’t find any indication of an imminent launch other than “it’s in a very playable state”.

  12. Edible Sam says:

    Unless this seriously adds some additional content to flesh out the sandbox it will suffer the same fate as 1.0. There will be a flood of players for maybe a year then the eventual decline to only the remaining PVPers.

  13. Pitrelli says:

    Same old shit graphics by the looks of it

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