SOE: Still a one-hit wonder


SOE continuing to show that if you get one MMO right (EQ1), you can basically screw up everything for the next decade and still be ok.

But don’t worry SWG fans, SOE is working on a title just for you! No chance they screw it up. Zero. That would only be possible from a studio that pulled off something like the NGE, which totally isn’t SOE…. oh wait.


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9 Responses to SOE: Still a one-hit wonder

  1. Yeah, unless they are bringing back SWG, I have little interest in this game that is suppose to be for me. I actually have little interest in SWG either, but it would be something if they brought that back from the dead.

  2. John says:

    I am usually not the man that get happy with other’s failure. But last years, after countless conversations on forums with f2p supporters and all their stupid arguments and their ironic comments, yes, now I think I am happy.

    Also, I hope all your f2p MMOs shut down and lose your characters, and then I ll see what arguments you will bring when you cry. Sadly people can only be taught from mistakes and failures and disasters.

    Waiting for the next f2p disaster

    • anon says:

      is it really a disaster if it only effects the few whales still playing? Its more of a meh. Just like my reaction when the terribad games go f2p to start with

      • John says:

        I don’t think that this is the case..if there were few whales still playing they wouldn’t close the games. I think that a whale come for a while, spend and then he get bored and jump to the next one. This is the problem of F2P, they don’t have a long life cause a whale can only spend enough before he gets bored or before the new “shiny” f2p comes.

        What people should know is that in f2p they must expect that sooner or later they will lose their characters and everything they “worked” for is going to disappear..this may also be true for sub but I think a sub game can live far far longer…and if a sub game can live for 10+ years, imagine how much they can get + years in the worst scenario they are “forced” to go f2p.

        • Anti-Stupidity League says:

          Boy am I glad that I haven’t lost any of my characters in Warhammer, Darkfall 1 and Star Wars Galaxies because they’re subscription-based games and subscriptions are magic — you will never lose your character even in a shut-down subscription-based game. Subscriptions keep your characters alive because subscribers never get bored in subscription-based games and never jump to the next one. Wise are your words.

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  4. Tierless says:

    As much as I would LOVE a REAL SWG2 I just can’t see SOE pulling it off.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This news is absolutely positive, because there is more chance to reach the goal by it : bring back SWG!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they just testing the future player base. If this will be success, then there is more chance to bring back SWG too. So everyone should support this idea from them!

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