On second thought, the hobby horse seems very reasonable

Pay to Travel, Turbine style.

It’s going to be a really sad day when LotRO shuts down, because this kind of entertainment is almost priceless, and I’d hate to rely solely on SOE to provide it.

(This is the part of the post where I mockingly predict the next ridiculous item Turbine will sell, but I just can’t do it. After a $50 hazing implement and P2Travel, what’s left? BiS gear sets for $7000? $5 Hotbars? $6 for a token that promises not to sell your credit card info to shady Russians?)

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7 Responses to On second thought, the hobby horse seems very reasonable

  1. mmojuggler says:

    I know you are getting good mileage out of the hobby horse, but that never actually was available to buy – nobody actually spent money on it since it never was available for purchase. Meanwhile, CCP actually did sell a $60+ monocle, which served even less purpose than the hobby horse since it was only good for forum profile pics.

  2. Do VIP players get this as a “standard feature”? The F2P thing with LoTRO always looked like an extended trial to me, where you could either just cough up the sub or nickle and dime your way to the endgame and hope to hell you’re good at min maxing the cash shop. If they’re inserting convenience items on top of a sub fee it really seems like a great way to flush any sort of trust away from pretty much all of your customers.

  3. carson63000 says:

    Just imagine how much shorter The Hobbit (or “There And Back Again”) could have been if Bilbo had the foresight to purchase a sweet, sweet Traveller’s Writ.

  4. bhagpuss says:

    Speaking of Turbine, did you see they just revived Asheron’s Call 2? Yes, really.

    I missed it first time round. Might have to go take a look, even if it means subbing to AC1 for a month.

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