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Is it just me or is commenting on Blogger-hosted blogs massively frustrating? Between the login errors, the captcha that is impossible to read half the time, to it eating what you wrote, it takes me ten times as long to comment on those blogs than on others, to the point that I generally don’t bother.

Is it as bad for Blogger-people when they come to WordPress sites, or is it a one-way street of suck?

/end rant.


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  1. Dà Chéng says:

    Swings and roundabouts, Syncaine. As you know, when people without a WordPress login (or Twitter or Facebook or Gravatar) try to leave a comment, the comment will wind up in the WordPress blogger’s spam filter, but it doesn’t tell the commenter this! So the commenter thinks his comment has been lost in the ether.

    To fix this, the WordPress blogger has to think to look in their spam folder (I can tell you I rarely look at my email spam folder), and then whitelist the commenter (or consign them to hell!). Most WordPress bloggers either don’t know about this recent change, or are too busy. I’ve lost dozens of comments on WordPress sites like this, until I found out where my comments actually go.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on Captcha. What an unreadable mess that is.

    • Actually, unless you are commenting from a domain flagged as a known spammer (as SynCaine used to do) your comment goes into a “Pending” folder, not the spam folder. And some comments will always go to the pending folder if they meet a given set of criteria. On my site, comments from first time commentators and comments with links in them go there automatically.

      And WordPress tells you that your comment is being held for moderation when it does that. The message is pretty small and it goes away if you refresh or anything, but I have seen it.

      Of course, it helps if your comment is both comprehensible and submitted to the right post. Your last comment on my blog was neither…. and it contained a link… but I cleared it all the same.

  2. I get on all right with Captcha, though I do sometimes have to hit the refresh button on it to get something more readable. But I did have an experience the other day that was utterly flustering, trying to comment on a Blogger user’s blog with my WP account. There was an OpenID error and all sorts going on, and I ended up with about 3 tabs open just trying to figure out how to get my blasted comment to stick. Not good. I think I’ve always found commenting on WP blogs easy, even before I became a member.

  3. Matt says:

    There is more than one way a blogger comments page can be structured. I find that when the comments page appears as a separate page with the main post hidden, and the comment field and captcha (if present) is located off to the right at the top of the page, then I can comment fine. If, on the other hand, the comments appear as nested below the main post, with the comment field down at the bottom, my comment is eaten every time. What is supposed to happen is, when you post or preview, the captcha should pop up in a little window, but for me this never happens and the comment just disappears.

  4. bhagpuss says:

    With NoScript on, most blogs offer a minefield when it comes to commenting. I find Blogger ones among the easiest to navigate and WordPress the hardest, but that may well be because I use Blogger and am usually logged into it when I am commenting.

    If I have to fill in a Captcha field or jump through any similar hoops I simply don’t comment. Although I seem to spray my comments around pretty freely, there are actually plenty of blogs I read regularly but on which I never comment and that’s because they are set up with annoying security or log-in requirements.

    Hardcore Casual is close to being the most awkward of any blogs I comment on regularly. It not infrequently throws up a security error about which I once emailed you and I can never actually see my comment after I have posted it so I am never sure if it has gone through or not. I have to give temporary permission to about half a dozen separate things through NoScript before it appears and then of course I have to remember to turn them all off again, or else what’s the point of No Script?

    • SynCaine says:

      That’s interesting, because I don’t have anything special enabled on my end that I’m aware of. I believe I’m just using the standard commenting setup without restrictions.

    • Is commenting here any different that commenting on my blog? They ought to be nearly identical.

      The only problem I recall you having was related to your using an email address associated with a account you made at one time, which I admit wordpress is surprisingly annoying about.

      • bhagpuss says:

        The wordpress thing did cause most of the issues back when it changed. I had to give it some permanent permissions in NoScript to stop that being a pain. If I had never registered for WordPress I don’t think it would have been a problem but because it knows who I am it insists on me using it to comment.

        I have no problems commenting on TAGN, never have, other than ones of my own making. Never had the security error from any blog other than Hardcore Casual either, but I have had it here three times now. I just ignore it.

        There’s one system that is way more annoying than any of these -.I forget what it’s called but if I ever see a blog that uses it I forget about commenting immediately.

        The hardest one of all that I still go ahead and comment on is probably Mystic Worlds – I really have to want to say something there! Probably a good thing :P

        Pretty sure if I didn’t run No Script I wouldn’t see a tenth of the problems, so it’s my own fault really.

  5. Mekhios says:

    Syncaine it is one of the reasons I rarely comment on the Bhagpuss site (even though I want to). I detest being forced to log in using some flavour of the month login system which forces me to use esoteric login methods that I can never remember my password for or be forced to use my private login details. Or try and read that stupid capta print which I am sure is not designed for human eyes.

    At least here I can post with minimal fuss and bother.

    • bhagpuss says:

      Blimey. What are you getting? I wasn’t aware I’d set anything beyond the basics. (This sounding familiar?)

      I’ll have a look this weekend and see if the defaults are higher than I realised.

      • bhagpuss says:

        Ok, just checked. I have the second lowest possible security settings at Inventory Full. Only thing lower is “Anyone – includes Anonymous Users ” and I am not going there.

        I have Word Verification set at “Off” and always have had so no-one should be getting Captcha requests.

  6. Xyloxan says:

    I’ve never had any problems commenting on Syn’s blog, and I don’t need to log on to anything. Never experienced any security errors or anything like that.

  7. Brindle says:

    I literally will not comment if i see a Captcha. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve written up a post and then had the stupid Captcha say ‘incorrect’ and blank out the comment screen. I understand trying to stop bots but I find Captcha to be virtually unreadable.

  8. Dà Chéng says:

    I found how to switch off Captcha on my own Blogger blog.

    Instructions at

  9. silvertemplar says:

    Yea, this blog is of the easier ones to comment on. Tobold’s blog on the other hand is a major PITA, even though it doesn’t ask a captcha (i think) i still need to use a facebook/google/blogger login every time. And having multiple google accounts (business vs. personal) it is quite a schlep to login and logout constantly, which also results in my comment dissappearing in the “switch over” .

    Most of these bigger sites usually ask you to login FIRST before you can do any commenting. Blogger only does this AFTER you have written your piece, so if things fail, your comment is gone.

    While all this is doable on normal desktop where my credentials are often stored, if i’m inside some mobile application on a tablet these things get much more difficult. I use Flipboard (to name one app) to read most of these blogs, some blogs allow you to comment straight inside the app, otherwise is a messy adventure into reloading in the browser and getting a poorly optimised version of the blog which is a disaster to try comment on.

  10. Raziel walker says:

    Never have much trouble commenting, or at least since I made an account so I don’t have to depend on people allowing anonymous comments.
    On some sites Captcha are hard to read but I haven’t had any trouble recently with losing comments after failing the captcha test.

  11. evehermit says:

    Chuckled as I read this – I have very similiar issues. Worse are the sites where if you get the Captcha wrong, your comment disappears in the refresh to display the error.

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