New mouse, Torchlight, DarkFall

A little collection of random bits incoming.

A bought a Razer Imperator mouse recently, due to my old MX518 crapping out, and I must say I’m very impressed. Much like my G15 replacing my old ‘standard’ keyboard, I never thought upgrading to a better quality mouse would actually matter, but it does. The Razer just feels a lot smoother, and I find I’m overall playing a bit better in DarkFall because of it. I think the highlight for me are the adjustable side buttons that can be moved from left to right on the mouse. Most of the time I have trouble reaching both buttons comfortably, but with the Imperator I was able to slide them all the way to the right (closest to my hand) and reach them without trouble. The top grip surface is also a very nice combo of sticky without feeling ‘odd’. If you are looking to upgrade your mouse, the Razer Imperator is a great choice, especially given the price (I got mine for just under $60 at Amazon).

Speaking of great value, I also picked up Torchlight off Steam (boo) for $5 recently, which at that price it’s kind of hard to argue with its cost/entertainment ratio. The game is interesting enough, with just a few things different from Diablo to not make it a total clone, but its also missing that ‘something’ that Diablo has to keep you coming back over and over. I noticed for instance that rarely do I change my strategy regarding who I am fighting, and combat consists of either melee swinging or using my AoE ground stomp/stun. Mindless fun, sure, but not something to keep me busy long term. If nothing else, Torchlight has made the wait for Diablo 3 just that much harder.

Finally just a quick update on in-game DarkFall activity. We (VAMP/NEM) have used our Ship-of-the-Line a few times now, and its always impressive to watch what that thing can do to a coastal city. Really looking forward to the time when its brought into a naval battle against other ships, should be fun. Other than that it’s been the usual PvP encounters/siege stuff and farming/skilling up.

I’m currently focused on raising my one handed axe skill (60 atm) so I can pick up mastery at 75 and really deal some good damage from a mount, which will be very helpful both in PvP and PvE. Many of the better mobs in the game right now are best killed from a battlehorn if attempted solo, but without one handed mastery I simply can’t deal enough damage before the battlehorn gets critically low or dies. With steedgrass going for 600+ gold atm, losing battlehorns in PvE is just not profitable in any way.

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  1. Sean says:

    Could you comment more specifically on the size, shape and button positions of the Imperator versus the MX518? I’m thinking of upgrading my MX518 but am afraid that the muscle memory I developed while using it won’t translate to a new mouse that isn’t, ergonomically at least, a close cousin.

    Also, what difficulty are you playing Torchlight on? If it’s anything less than the hardest, I recommend giving that a try. I had been following Torchlight’s development since its announcement and had read early feedback about its easy difficulty at the lower levels, so I started at the hardest and found the combat satisfying. In the later dungeons and instance maps, I can easily die if I’m not using all of my character’s abilities (an alchemist) to their fullest.

    • SynCaine says:

      The Imperator is very similar to the MX518 in shape/size, but the two main buttons are a bit more ‘shaped’ on the Razer, and like I mentioned the side buttons work much better for me. The scroll wheel also feels a bit more responsive, and I have an easier time using scroll-click than I did with the 518. I’d be very surprised if anyone went from the 518 to the Imperator and found it a downgrade to be honest.

      As for Torchlight, I’m on the second highest difficulty and very rarely die (basically when I stop paying attention to my HP in a crowd). I’m also playing the melee class, which I figured would be the easiest (Almost always the case in these style of games), and I’ve focused on maxing out the stomp ability and a few passive ones like armor and crit.

      • Malakili says:

        Yeah, for experienced players anything less than Very Hard is really not very difficult at all, though Very Hard can be a bit challenging depending on your gear/skills, etc.

        I think vanquisher is generally considered the easiest class.

  2. I had the same experience with Torchlight. Fun, but when push came to shove, it was entirely mindless. I didn’t play the top difficulty level, but the level underneath it was .. trivial. I did enjoy the game, but only for ~5ish hours.

  3. I’m a trackball man myself. True men use balls :D

  4. mbp says:

    To get the best performance out of your new mouse be sure and spend some time checking out the best mouse-mat. I have found that the right combination of lack of friction and proper reflectivity makes a huge difference to the performance of a laser mouse. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money – a good magazine cover can often give better performance than a wooden desktop! My current favourite is a thin matt grey mat from a company called SWEEX Stay away from anything spongy (the mouse just beds in and gets harder to move) or anything shiny. Needless to say most of the crap sold as mouse mats are worse than useless.

  5. Adam says:

    Hah I was impressed with the shiney of Torchlight but I didn’t even get through the demo before dozing off. Way too spammy/simple (I hated Diablo as well though).

    Razer really is making the best mice right now. Great quality product and love the tracking on mine.

    I have both the Mamba and the “mmo” mouse the Naga.

    Adding a numeric keypad for your thumb seemed a bit wacky when I first ordered it. Having actually played with it for a while its totally natural and very well implemented.

    We all look forward to “touring” your ShipOfTheLine Syncaine :D

  6. Anne says:

    Played Touchlight on the hardest setting and like others have noticed, too spammie and too simple.

    But either way, I’d like to think future MMORPGs take on Random Dungeon Generator idea. Maybe even making it so that if a team does a Dungeon that their defeat of that Dungeon means that it changes the next day (e.g. all the mobs become undead, or new monsters take over after you’ve finished with it, etc), or like you suggested once, have something to do with someone else building/controlling the Dungeon experience with a set of mobs, what abilities that can pick and choose for them, where they are and so on.

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