CCP does something better than the rest of the genre, again

This time showing everyone how to do a cash shop right.

As someone who can relate, it’s tough always being right.

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18 Responses to CCP does something better than the rest of the genre, again

  1. Nils says:

    I can’t say I approve. But there are worse cash shops.

    • SynCaine says:

      Why don’t you approve?

      You can buy the stuff in-game. It’s fluff. It lets barbie players fund future game development at a rate far greater than just straight buying ISK through PLEX. What’s the downside?

      • Dobson says:

        “What’s the downside?”

        For starters you could, well, you know, think about it.

        As Mord explains by way of example, if you think that RMT will somehow be gameplay-neutral, then I’m not sure what to tell you other than maybe something about how “free markets can solve any problem” or some other such dreamy notion.

        You needn’t concern yourself with such matters though, gangster. Just keep up the (often contradictory) Blizzard Hate / CCP Love. It entertains the adults in the room and allows us to occasionally drop in to publicly point out your stupidity and/or transparency. Totally.

        • Adam says:


          You have an interesting take on what being an adult is like…

          Mord seems to have owned himself on his first analysis pretty hard (at least admitting and referencing it) so I’m unclear why you are on board with this latest.

        • Silvermute says:

          Blimey mate, that’s a bit harsh.

          I play and enjoy WoW, but I still value SynCaine’s opinion. And the “adults in the room” bit makes you look like anything but.

      • The Claw says:

        Just like Blizzard’s cash shop. You can buy fluff like sparkle ponies and vanity pets. It lets barbie players fund future game development at a rate far greater than just straight paying their subscription. What’s the downside?

      • Angry Gamer says:

        Yeah what could go wrong?

        Sure Greece only needs a few Billion to get them over a rough spot… what does it matter…

        er… yeah about this link

        what the guys is talking about is a classic currency deflation event

        Which will in turn destabilize the EVE economy… due to the conversion of currency into non-redeemable goods. This will cause CCP to pump more ISK into EVE to balance this sink (and Icelanders are so good at economics too).

        Yeah this is a classic we will just use a new system of commerce because we could not think of a more elegant solution that would not screw our old playerbase.

        Problem is much like the Euro zone propping up Greece… the law of unintended consequences comes into play

        • SynCaine says:

          The problem with comparing a real economy to a MMO is, well, god is only real in the MMO. If what that twice-linked theory suggests does come to pass, CCP will adjust. You don’t suddenly disrupt a growing game to quickly cash in, when it’s been paying you (very well) for 7 years now.

          You also don’t hire a full time economist for your game world only to screw it with a cash grab. If that was CCP’s plan, why even pay the guy?

      • Dobson says:

        Interesting. It appears as though my adults-in-the-room comment struck a nerve, and was also incredibly apt.

        “… owned himself on his first analysis …”

        Something about playing WoW but reading SynCaine, and implying that that makes one a reasonable, open-minded person.

        “… does come to pass …”

        For fuck’s sake. It’s a blog post and you guys couldn’t even be bothered to read and understand the idea being presented.

        It’s totally cool, though. The stupidity comment was totally out of line and totally inaccurate in terms of the SynCaine’s post here and the follow-up comments.

        • Dril says:

          Peotip: you don’t win the moral highground by battle by wallowing in the swampy mires of “you guys are all fucking idiots.”

          Try again next week though; I’ll need some cheering up on a gloomy, windy, rainy Friday.

  2. Dril says:

    I’m finding all the nullsec whiners far more entertaining than the thought of walking in stations at this point. The cash shop is a bit annoying because it takes away the whole “everything is by players” element, but I can’t say it’s a major blow.

    Besides, since I’m only playing one character in EVE it’s not like it’ll be a case of pimping out every alt. I might get him a snazzy jacket and that’s about it.

  3. Shadow says:

    I’m on the fence in regards to this still. I Accept PLEX as a game entity, and what it brings to the game in terms of economic interest, but there is a fundamental difference between what a PLEX actually DOES and what this new “sub-currency” will do. PLEX in game, is a bit of a currency marker for isk – much as SoJ’s were in Diablo II, and as such, it represents more an indicator of the fiscal strength of the game. It’s good for that type of read, because it doesn’t affect the game in anyway way beyond the mere access to the game itself. Of course, cosmetic things don’t affect the “game” itself, in terms of functional interface of New Eden, so there is a bit of a conceptual bridge between them. As Dril said though, it takes away the “everything is by players” philosophy that I felt has been a core theme of EVE for a long time (and was part of the stated reason for introduction of PI).

    Anyway, rambly and it’s Friday. PEACE!

  4. Adam says:

    This seems really promising from CCP.

    I don’t think its too much of a stretch to see 3rd parties making 3d objects for aurum?

    I would think CCP could be into that and I know it could be a pretty amazing success from the players and crafters side…

    • Shadow says:

      I didn’t think about the second life potential that could arise from this. Of course, it again falls outside I’d their stated goal of “living any sci-do fantasy”. I don’t think space tailor is one they had in mind.

      • Adam says:

        Heh, nice. I had something of secondlife in my mind when I posted but shied away from directly invoking it.

        But yes from the outside there seemed to be a lot of creative energy in the secondlife community that was hampered by (imo) the complete lack of a game dynamic to provide some context. Eve has that context.

        I think there is a quite robust (lunatic?) community around the poser software as well.

        Anyway we’ll see what CCP actually ships.

  5. Wizarth says:

    I approve of this system. I think that is will change the value of PLEX as they currently stand, but at the very least, the value of the item stays in the game (due to being tradable on to ISK). There is certainly some concern that this allows PLEX’s real world value to be “destroyed”, as in, no longer eventually being converted into game time, but to be frank, developing vanity items isn’t free.
    And depending on the exchange rate from PLEX to AUR, these could well be (relatively) cheap compared to a sparklepony. Estimating how long it takes to create and QA a vanity item, and what that costs in manhours etc, I’d say this isn’t going to be a massive profit.

    Basically, wait and see how it goes, and based on CCP’s record, I think they’ll do it right.

  6. n0th says:

    I want to loot this from podkills.
    Otherwise not caring as long as its fluff only.

    Anyone who speaks about the impact on economy obviously has NO IDEA about the scale of botting/RMT going on in eve.

    The “everything is by players” is a p bad argument too.
    Why dont you whine about Dramiel then? Its actually gamebreaking (making frig pvp very one-dimensional and ceptors obsolete for tackle/scouting), and it comes directly from the LP-Shop.

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