Camelot Unchained has a release date!

More on this tomorrow or the next day, but just a quick comment: we are making hype videos with a date for launching games on kickstarter now? Bit… odd, right? And do they expect to get all 10m from kickstarter?

Spoiler alert: I’m actually semi-interested in this and forgive Jacobs for WAR. Still find his old blog title hilarious too.

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12 Responses to Camelot Unchained has a release date!

  1. Random Idiot says:

    Abraham Lincoln YAY!!! enrol me up.

    just kidding… ;)

  2. kamuka says:

    No PvE at all is probably a terrible idea. I dislike PvE, but it is still a welcome change every now and then and keeps you occupied when you can’t/don’t want to/.. PvP.

    If people only log in after everyone gathered in TS/vent/whatever to do PvP, I can’t see the game being a success.

    Giving people something to do at all times is a must in any MMO. It’s the one thing WoW gets right (for players who havent run out of content).

    Obviously i’m assuming soloing will suck as you get facerolled all the time by superior numbers and pugs will be unbearable. So i’m assuming a DAoCesque RvR setup.

    • Xyloxan says:

      My guess is that “no PvE” means that same as “no PvE” in a PvP game such as EVE. That is, there can be tons of stuff that you can do besides killing other players.

      • sid6.7 says:

        Direct quote: The biggest difference is that RvR isn’t the endgame — it’s the only game. Every system, skill, ability, gameplay element, etc., is geared toward RvR. There’s almost no PvE (just a training area, some special events, etc.), and everything we add will always be tied into RvR

        I read that to mean no mob spawns. There could be some harvesting and crafting although I think it would be neat if that didn’t even exist and the “currency” to buy things was based on participation in RvR.

        The system could work, I suppose. I don’t know if I would call it an MMORPG anymore than I would call WWII Online an RPG but even WWII Online was a sort-of MMO..

        • tithian says:

          A world without mob spawns would feel completely dead.

          A world with mob spawns and no other “pve” content would be on par with asian grinders and you’d have people grinding hardcore to level up and participate in the RvR endgame (assuming the game has levels or something similar)

          Lose-lose scenario…

          Also, if they need to Kickstart it to get the funds, doesn’t it mean that the release date will be around 2018?

        • sid6.7 says:

          Depends on how large the world is.. and that’t not to say you couldn’t have NPC guards and wildlife. It just becomes part of the RvR.

          That said, seems like a gamble.

  3. Backlash starting in 5…4….3….2….1

  4. TheJexster says:

    Just when I think Im out…they pull me back in!

  5. Anonymous says:

    making a game geared toward non copy and paste mmo …. players im in and if u wanna go pve go play something esle

  6. James says:

    Can’t wait, if it’s going to be anything like DaoC was I love it already!

  7. Anonymous says:

    no mob spawn ? there should be aggro mobs at the pvp zone.. how can the game only have buildings and players and guards its super epic fail

  8. Matt says:

    I played DAOC for over 5 years.. some of the best experiences were when things went wrong, say for example I was stalking a caster and a mob spawned close by and attacked me, sending me fleeing for my life, and the PvE was far more interesting than it’s being credited for recently.. it was just the Atlantis expansion that destroyed it. I fondly think about loitering on tangler beach and working in groups all day, or kiting telemons through cornwall, then heading off to the trees. The team work required was good fun. And smite clerics! Nutters! ;)

    I’m looking forward to trying this Camelot Unchained, but really I just want a straight DAoC 2. ;)

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