DF:UW – Story of a new player

Copy/pasting this from the Darkfall forums, written by Hydride.


So I’m currently working abroad, playing on my laptop and have crap internet. I have a 6k pp Warrior. My FPS in the cities is around 10 and outside 17 on average. So I am forced to be a Crafter because every time I go to hit a Mob, by the time I’m synced the MOFO is on my back.

So I hit nodes all day, buy and sell stuff and I know what your saying that is boring as hell “Yes it is”. However, I will be home in a few Months and I love this game so much that I am totally dedicated to it and can’t wait to start actually being able to PvE and PvP. By that time, gold and equipment will not be a issue because I will hopefully have a lot of crafts maxed out by then.

So Today, I got real tired of running round looking for full nodes and not finding any. I decided to empty my pockets into the Bank and just kept on me a 2 Pick Axes and a Mount. I jumped on my Mount and for the first time ventured way outside the SZ. I decided to head for the Coast and was constantly looking around me to make sure there was no players chasing me and also looking at the terrain. I stayed away from Mob spawns, also I used the terrain to my benefit by riding in the shadows, dead ground and also terrain that was the same colour as myself and my mount. Laugh some of you might, but it worked.

So I get to the Coast, jumped of my Mount and went in to total tactical mode. I crouch walked everywhere, I stuck to the shadows, manoeuvred round rocks and trees, checking my every direction there was before moving, popped my head up from behind rocks and through bushes to make sure I was alone. Believe me if I could have done a combat roll I would have done. I remember thinking to myself that if there was a GM in invisible mode, he would be laughing at me saying “Look at this Ninja Noob right here”. But hey it worked!!!

So I see a nice place to mine with 5 nodes within reasonable close prox of each other. Now 4 of the nodes was in cover or within the shadows, so I told myself I will only hit the ones that had decent cover from view and I did just that. Now I started tapping away and I would stop at any sound, because I had the in game music on, so I turned it off. Now I could hear everything and anything that sounded out of place I would stop, pop my head out left and right and carry on again. I soon got tired of this and said to myself I’m being paranoid. Low and behold I start tapping and I see this player on a Mount in the distances, I pressed C so damn hard to stop tapping this node and to crouch down that I am surprised I didn’t snap my laptop in Two right there and then. So this player on this Mount stops quickly and starts looking round, I already had my escape routes pre planned out and jumped in this bush where I could see what he was doing. He came right up to the node that was in the open and look at another node and must of said to himself I must of been hearing things and pushed off. My Heart was beating so fast it, I thought it was going to jump out my Chest. I kept eyes on him until he hit the horizon and carried on tapping the nodes. Every time I would tap out a node, I could hear this voice inside me saying get the hell out of there now, but there was one more node to rinse so I decided to stay and carry on.

I was tapping the last node and I heard another Mount, voice inside me saying “I f-ing told you to get the hell out of there”. I pressed C again but didn’t have eyes on this player, I moved across in the shadow to a Bush and jumped in it. Waiting to see where this Mount was and then I laid eyes on this Player and this Mount, but wait he was stood still and I could hear a Mount. I kept on watching and this player was being chased and was setting a ambush. “WAM PAM BOOM” they was going at it, I was like $%^& the Ore I gotta see this !@%^. So I ducked and dodge my way to a safe spot to get eyes on and on my way there, I had to bypass the Ambush dudes Mount. So I done what any half decent DF Noob would have done and I stole his Mount. I watched the fight to the end and see the Ambush dude win and the best bit afterwards was watching this dude who won try and find his Mount. After he left I found a nice place behind two big rocks with a bush in front of it to bindstone recall back.

Today was my most fun day in DF and I pocketed 800 ore, with 2 other trips out. I am a solo crafter and for the rest of the Noobs inside the SZ don’t be afraid to go outside. I have been lucky not to get killed, but Tomorrow I might get killed and so what if I do. This game is a dog eat dog world and only the strong or the smart survive. They might take your gear and your mats, but they can’t take away the fun moments or your pp and they can’t make you pregnant, so it’s all good.

I hope my fellow Noobs have the same experience I had Today and stay with this great game. To all you 10 year olds that want you hands held through this game and moan about dying on global and this forum, I don’t care you can quit. Because the real world is very much like DF and your Mum’s ain’t gonna be there to swipe your butts for you forever.

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7 Responses to DF:UW – Story of a new player

  1. pkudude99 says:

    “o I done what any half decent DF Noob would have done and I stole his Mount. I watched the fight to the end and see the Ambush dude win and the best bit afterwards was watching this dude who won try and find his Mount. ”

    Epic! I got a good laugh reading that part.

  2. KennyG says:

    Wow i want some of this! i am a Warcraft baby so i am scared to try this, any tips to survive like best role?

    • SynCaine says:

      Warrior is the easiest role for PvE (and you can always switch later). Go to the official forums and look for a new-player focused clan as well to join. You will be asking a lot of questions early on, and being in Vent/Mumble to ask them is key.

  3. Spidubic says:

    Very good read. Best part was the stealing of the mount and watching the mounts owner look for it afterwards. Good stuff.

  4. Okay.. I am considering taking this stance till I get a chance to improve my connection. Genius.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dude, Where’s my mount?

  6. sid6.7 says:

    I have been lucky not to get killed, but Tomorrow I might get killed and so what if I do.

    Great attitude.

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