Economy: Sinks, as only EVE can do them

So this happened.

3 TRILLION ISK. Edit: Make that 11 trillion.

I’m sure in a few hours/days you will see fully detailed reports, not to mention wildly inaccurate crap from the now-reliable sources, but yea, only EVE with this kind of stuff.

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  1. And I was there… at least for the last few hours. Got on 6 titan kill mails. CCP reports that there were 75 titans down in game yesterday. I have to think that 3 trillion might be low.

  2. Ranamar says:

    You do realize that that 3T (apparently now reporting 9T, actually…) is that much worth of minerals, and no actual ISK was sunk by the battle, right? On the other hand, the Jita mineral market is going nuts right now. (That’ll sink a little money in sales taxes and listing fees… probably around 1.5% of the total.)

    • SynCaine says:

      Minerals, dropped mods, player time, and yes, some ISK; the 9T represents all of it.

      • Ranamar says:

        Just so long as you’re not trying to imply that 9T of monetary base was eaten: if this hadn’t been primarily a supercap fight, it would definitely have printed more money (from insurance) than the transaction fees to buy all the stuff involved would have consumed.

        I guess you said “sinks”, not “money sinks”. (… because this *was* a humongous mineral sink, and we’re already seeing the result of that.)

        • Rammstein says:

          Don’t neglect the possibly over a trillion isk worth sink of officer modules, the massive ISK/LP sink from all those 5 billion isk pods, etc(though the ISK gain from insurance probably outweighs the ISK portion of that, but those pods taken alone are still a large sink),etc ad nauseum. Any one of those subcategories, lacking a sink, would not be a sustainable market, but EVE has sinks for them all; which is the entire point.

        • Raelyf says:

          While you’re correct, he did say ‘economy’ sink. Fundamentally, the most important part is material destruction. Minerals, primarily, but moon goo and PI products as well. Their destruction drives people to do things – to harvest more – and the economy falls into line around it.

  3. sleepysam says:

    So, I generally follow you and TAGN to understand this is kind of a big deal, but what kinds of comparisons can we make to put the number in perspective? How many ships were in the fight, or how much $$ plex is 3T or 9T? Just curious.

    • Rammstein says:

      To avoid crashing the node, as they were winning the ISK-war, the CFC sent much of its forces to the oppositions’ secondary staging systems, camping them to limit reinforcement of B-R. this kept concurrency in B-R lower than in other large fights, but should those other fleets be included in the total concept of the “fight”? PL didn’t want to crash the node either, as they were trying to save their staging system. Hence, the high ISK-damage totals.

      9T is roughly 300,000 US dollars, at current PLEX prices. Personally, I expect the damage total to exceed 10T, once it’s all tallied up.

    • The $$$ to PLEX thing is something of a specious issue. Nobody, as an example, plunked down $3,000 for their titan. Well, okay, there is probably somebody who did, but they are pretty rare. But the money thing makes for a sensational headline, so the press likes to lead with that.

      As Rammstein pointed out, this was a fight that, once it started, neither side wanted it to end without them meeting their “win” state.

      N3 lost sov on their staging system, where they were storing all of their stuff for the war, and Razor scooped it up. N3 had to get the system back or lose not only ships, but all the stuff they had docked up or stored in hangars in the station. Their win condition was retaking the system, a long process that would require stomping on any CFC/RUS fleet operations therein. Anything else was a defeat.

      The CFC/RUS bloc, of course, wanted to hold the system. That could have been accomplished by crashing the node. But there was also a chance to pile on and put a serious dent in the N3 war machine which had been wielding its titan fleet as a trump card in the war. Cripple N3 was the win condition for the CFC/RUS bloc, so they had to keep the battle going in order to destroy the maximum number of super capitals.

      N3 did not get their win condition, but it is yet to be seen if the CFC/RUS bloc was able to do enough damage to N3 to change the tide of the war drastically. Both sides have lots of resources on which to draw, and part of the point of all of this is to have fights. Titan pilots might be raging today, but tomorrow they will be in carriers or subcaps or something else. Expect doctrine changes if titans are off the table for a while.

    • SynCaine says:

      Story was as expected, blah. Comments section for the story is pretty awesome.

      • sleepysam says:

        Side note: how many people go read that yahoo article and then see the “dress up games” link, and say, ah, perfect, and press the button?

    • zaphod6502 says:

      Thanks for the article. That explains it. Once again EVE’s antiquated interface causes another mess (the auto-pay system). Still seeing that many Titan’s go down is always interesting. :)

  4. Mekhios says:

    I need a TAGN post to explain it. Did sov acutally change hands or was this simply another good fight in the forever war?

  5. gwjanimej says:

    According to Dolan’s dev post this afternoon, the total ISK loss was more like 11T.

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