So McQuaid it hurts

I have a feeling SOE shutting down a bunch of “F2P ALL TEH WAY!” titles is going to lead to a lot of blogging gold, especially things like this nugget: Brad MqcQuaid, who made the now dead Vanguard and is really proud of it, is asking people for money to make soon-to-be-dead Vanguard. At the same time, said-guy-asking-for-money was wondering if he could buy dead Vanguard from SOE.

Brad, were you going to open another Kickstarter to buy dead Vanguard, or use soon-to-be-dead Vanguard kickstater money to buy dead Vanguard? Or do you have enough money for dead Vanguard personally, but like Lord British, you figured you might as well collect some dummy cash off dead Vanguard fans for soon-to-be-dead Vanguard because hey, if making one embarrassing video is all it takes to (try to) get 800k, you might as well right?

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7 Responses to So McQuaid it hurts

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    McQuaid’s latest MMO Kickstarter is really lighting the funding fires .. not. ;)

  2. Pai says:

    The $800k isn’t even for a game, it’s basically for investment capital for his new development company. The Kickstarter promises nothing about a game actually being made — just that it will cost fans 800k for him to try and get actual investors convinced to fund something based on this sales pitch.

    In the case that no ‘real’ investors bite? 800k down the drain, sorry guys! I wonder how many of the starry-eyed believers putting their money in this guy’s wallet even understand the implications of the Kickstarter they’re funding and that it isn’t even promising they’ll get anything other than the satisfaction of giving his newest Visionary Company some start up cash.

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  4. Tierless says:

    I still can’t get over the parking lot firings…I think I’ll pass on backing this one..

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