Knowing what day it is is highly overrated

First I can confirm that lack of sleep over prolonged periods of time most certainly causes your IQ to drop a few points. Dumb zombie mode is, thankfully, coming to an end ‘soon’. That said a little lack of sleep is our main worry, with everything else being great, so really we can’t complain. Blogging here should resume shortly.

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4 Responses to Knowing what day it is is highly overrated

  1. magnoz says:


  2. tatalor says:

    Congratulations and best wishes (I’m assuming it’s a child).

  3. Mal says:

    There’s a power of two special now. Start training the tykes eve account now and by the time the kid is old enough to play they’ll have a supercarrier.

  4. Kyff says:

    so that’s why you started the friday blog war on monday last week? You simply didn’t know what day it was.

    All the best. Sleep is highly overrated.

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