Bungie beats Blizzard yet again, this time in public view

If you were a Mac-based gamer back in the 90s, you were likely familiar with Bungie. While Mac gaming was overall highly inferior to PC gaming, perhaps the biggest bright spot was Bungie, who for whatever reason made Mac-only games for a while.

They made Marathon and Marathon 2, titles that dwarfed the far more famous Doom in terms of design, innovation, and overall impact on the FPS genre (a lot of the features people think Doom introduced (rocket jump, duel wield) were done, or done better, in Marathon).

They then made Myth, an RTS title that was years ahead of its time (3D battlefields, physics for projectiles, dedicated online lobby with ranking). This was during the time when Starcraft was out and everyone was falling over themselves on that title (a small step forward over Warcraft), while quietly in Mac land Bungie was making the blueprint for future RTS titles.

Speaking of dreaming, Bungie also had Bungie.net, which was a matchmaking service similar to what Blizzard would eventually do with Battle.net. It was on that said service that my greatest gaming achievement, being ranked #1 in the world in Myth 2 until Bungie introduced rolling seasons, was accomplished. Yes, I’ve been kind of a big deal for a long time. And yes, I’m a bit bitter that pro-gaming is just now taking off, but what can you do. Things kinda worked themselves out in the end.

Moving forward, I’m guessing everyone is familiar with Halo and it’s impact.

And finally we come to Destiny and Titan. Funny that this time, Blizzard wasn’t able to escape the crushing shadow of Bungie simply still being ahead in terms of game design (albeit this time fairly generic and uninspiring design. Kinda sums up a large section of gaming when these two are fighting over who can put out an overall meh product first). But hey, maybe Blizzard will still scrap something together and put out a cute Destiny clone.

PS: How dumb does Blizzard look right now not having simply made a StarCraft MMO like everyone was expecting/hoping for, with the game basically being a reskinned and updated WoW? This is what happens when they step out of their copy/paste comfort zone I guess.

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14 Responses to Bungie beats Blizzard yet again, this time in public view

  1. Jenks says:

    Bobby K wants all his children to succeed.

    I played a few games in the late 90s and early 00s with the top competition (Quake and C&C come to mind), but the only time I’ve been #1 was for a couple months in Tetris Worlds on the original Xbox.

  2. If Blizzard’s goals were purely cash-driven you might have a point. But I think there is still some genuine passion left in that company. And this makes them the winner in my book in the matchup between Destiny and Titan.

    • SynCaine says:

      Wait how do they win by not releasing a game they felt was too similar to one that is out and not exactly anything special?

      • Jenks says:

        Presumably the idea is that Blizzard won’t tarnish their name by releasing a game that they consider unworthy of them. Meanwhile Destiny is hovering in the mid/upper 70s on Metacritic, 10 points below anything Blizzard has released. That’s a huge gap when you consider Metacritic really only has a 30 point scale for 99% of relevant games, practically everything is rated between 65 and 95.

        I *would* have agreed to that, and used to hold that opinion in the days of Warcraft Adventures and Starcraft Ghost. But, I personally did not care for Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3, at all. To me, those were bad games. I can look past my own opinion and see the logic though. I haven’t played Destiny.

        • Mobs says:

          Haha did you reference meta critic, sincerely? “Didn’t like the color of my armor. 1/10”

        • Anti-Stupidity League says:


          Add that to your adblock before the next time you open the Metacritic website.

      • coppertopper says:

        Ultimately competing against their own property like SOE did with EQ2 would have been a mistake. I believe this had a lot to do with releasing a 2nd MMO.

        • coppertopper says:

          with NOT releasing….

        • SynCaine says:

          Hard time buying that, since to date no MMO has ‘eaten’ another. Lineage 1 is still going despite L2 being out. Same for EQ1, or FF11. Plus WoW has lost far more people at this point than it has, that’s a pretty awesome group to bring back into your next MMO.

    • JJ Robinson says:

      Freak, you are so naïve. Blizz is owned by a public company, and the only thing public companies carry about it the bottom line.

      Titan was draining cash, producing crap, and after Destiny launched they realized they were hosed. Better to cut it now, then lose more money.

      PS. Blizz soooo should have made a SC MMO. Bet that is still in the plans somewhere…

  3. sid6.7 says:

    With three factions in Starcraft, they might even have been to have gotten PvP right…

  4. Hal says:

    I loved myth 2, but it wasn’t nearly as fun to play as Total Annihilation or star-craft(or age of empires for that mater). It’s hard to enjoy an RTS without the building phase no mater how awesome the combat is.

    It’s sad to see a company as awesome as blizzard was become a joke.

  5. kalex716 says:

    They’re too busy counting the money they printed with that crappy MTG clone right now to care.

  6. John says:

    sour grapes…

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