AA: More than 6 spots left

In other “groups run by SynCaine” news, I have officially started up a guild in ArcheAge. Inquisition is live on the Ollo server! You should join us, because despite Trion’s best efforts, the game is worth playing, especially in an active guild that does stuff together.

We are just cracking into stuff like trade runs, and I’m starting to look into world bosses and hidden group quests (yes, AA has those). Anyone is welcome to join, we are going to keep things pretty casual (AA is a bit like EVE here, in that the more you have, the better, but you don’t NEED X number of people to do stuff). As the guild is Inquisition, we will be using those forums and Vent, though neither is of course mandatory.

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15 Responses to AA: More than 6 spots left

  1. Adam says:


    I just downloaded the game last night. I currently know nothing about it but would be happy to jump on board. Let me know.

  2. Trego says:

    Just downloaded AA, throw me an invite,char name is Trego on Ollo server.

  3. Ranzal says:

    Only level 11 but plan on blasting through some levels asap… Sed me an invite when you get chance. Chars name is Laznar

  4. SynCaine says:

    Will try to get you both tomorrow night (EST) when I log on.

  5. Adam says:

    Character name is, Noisy.

  6. Polynices says:

    Offline invites don’t seem to be working. Also, I couldn’t figure out if there was any way to do a /who command and look for people in your guild. I did manage to friend Syncaine so at least I can see when you’re online and bug you directly.

    Game is definitely fun. I am enjoying having little idea what I am doing. Gliders are amazing — a brilliant compromise between having flying which is fun but not having to design the whole game world to allow open flight.

    • SynCaine says:

      Guild management overall seems to be somewhat of a weak spot in terms of options. On Reddit people have described it as somewhat of a glorified Friends list right now, which is annoying/disappointing.

      Hopefully I can get people invites tonight, should be online for a good while.

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  8. saucelah says:

    I keep meaning to try this and get into it. See if I can do that today.

    • saucelah says:

      Saucelah on Ollo. I’ve always been one of those try ALL the things types (master of none), so I’m already both overwhelmed and excited.

      Worth Patron for sure.

  9. Pendan says:

    I have been playing the other faction on another server. Sunday I decided would like to take a look at the other faction so made a character on Ollo east faction. One problem I have is Ollo appears to be in the top 3 for populations which means queues start earlier in the day for it and are larger at prime time.

    Do you now what the population balance is like on Ollo? On my server the East has the largest guild of any server and the overall balance is terrible. West has never won the war in Halcyona even when we do advertising in chat for 2 hours and completely fill 2 raids and start a 3rd. Freedich is completely controlled more than 23 hours a day by the East. Once in while the Well will go in with force and hold it for maybe a half hour before the East zerg piles in to removed them.

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