Trion being Trion: RNG land grab

Editor’s note: These are far more enjoyable from afar rather than having to suffer through them hoping Trion eventually figures out how to run an MMO. Spoiler: they won’t!

You know what would make a guild-based land rush limited to just four claimable castles even more fun than spamming the log-in button after a patch hoping you and your entire guild get one? If that patch randomly decided most people can’t play, while others can! Truly next level trolling from Trion here, just awesome incompetence to throw directly at your most dedicated and important social structures. If there was ever a perfect case for “I’m quitting and taking my entire guild with me!” forum posting, this is it.

And to think, I was expecting the major focus of outrage to be the new Hasla weapon tiers that further invalidate crafting.

Edit: The official forums are currently at ForumFall-levels of entertainment.

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9 Responses to Trion being Trion: RNG land grab

  1. Jenks says:

    If only we had the technology to make a game where guilds could make their own castles, like Shadowbane over a decade ago.

  2. Trego says:

    This man makes the most sober, reasonable and studied critique of Trion’s handling of AA that I have ever seen:

    • SynCaine says:

      That was terrific. Wasn’t sure where he was going with that for the first half, then the item switch happens and bam, wonderful.

      Still don’t get his pay=ban. Does he mean he has to buy gold 3rd party to buy hacked AH items, but if he does he has like a 5% chance Trion will ban him?

      • Trego says:

        I’m not sure either, he’s playing on the Korean Realms, but talking shit about Trion which handles NA/EU. There are craftable items on the KR that are pay-only in NA/EU, so perhaps he’s trying to say that Trion is even worse than XL Games was alone? I don’t know how APEX/3 party gold buying works on the KR either; but your supposition seems like it’s probably in the ballpark. (As you know, so far on the NA/EU realms, his point works better for botters/hackers vs non-cheaters than it does for gold buyers, unless someone is dropping the price of a car on this game)

    • silvertemplar says:

      Yea, even though his clearly playing the Korean version which have nothing to do with Trion, this game is of the most expensive and bait-switching pay games i’ve ever played. It’s just insane how you have to pay a subscription of $15 AND still pay through your nose to get anywhere .

      I am sorry the SWTOR action bar thing? It has -nothing- on ArcheAge . Almost everything in Archeage that drives the market is consumable or in RNG boxes.

      Yes, Trion was so clever to put the entire halloween event inside RNG lockboxes . You want a halloween costume / item / anyhing? Play the lottery with your cash. I think any moment now players will wake up and the game is gonna go down fast.

      • SynCaine says:

        Ah I was wondering what the deal was with the Halloween event. Was still playing AA then and, other than that one pumpkin quest, never saw or heard anything else about it. Figures it was a cash-shop ‘event’.

  3. Pendan says:

    My own play was not harmed by this patch but I still see it as a major disaster. I tried logging in with 3 different computers with different OS versions about 4 times each. One of them let me get all the way into game and play on 3rd try. They were saying it was a problem with HackShield but then the fix was all server side with not client side patch. Had no intention of trying to get land on the new continent but sure would be pissed if I did. Bad programming by XLGames and bad Quality Assurance by them and Trion. Bad handling of the situation afterward by Trion.

    The Halsa weapon upgrades benefit me as a player with no crafting abilities and no money but I still find completely stupid to game design. Did Trion make this choice?

  4. silvertemplar says:

    The sad part of the entire thing is, whether it is Trion screwing the players over or whether guilds screwed themselves over , the auroria launch has made alot of player quit right there. It is unfortunately game design that now anyone that didn’t got in on Auroria will have to wait 6 weeks to have a chance again, in MMO terms, that is quit-wall stuff right there. The rest of the non-auroria population that has hit lvl 50 and got their gear now have very little to do but wait. So Auroria is literally that kick out the door for a lot of players….

    In our case,I wish the guild i’m in could blame Trion for not getting a castle, it’s just sad lol. We were there in force, mined the ore on Auroria successfully, got back to the mainland to craft this purifying package (with which you claim 1 of the 4 areas in Auroria) …aaand then it turns out we didn’t have a Smelting Furnace . Someone assumed all we needed was a Smelter (publicly available station) .

    Yes, friends, and there we sit with no one with a combination of vocation badges and metalworking to make the Smelting Furnace to craft the ingots. We had all the ingredients, probably gathered them up first before all other and there we sit watching as the lands gets claimed….sad sad sad, and it’s enough that i think our guild most likely won’t make it past this event…

  5. Boringjorn says:

    I’m just glad I haven’t paid them anything. Other than time.

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