Mordheim is coming!

I am interested in this.

Two immediate thoughts; one is that I love the grid-less turn-based system. Assuming its pulled off correctly it should fit Mordheim perfectly. Two, the game looks slow as hell based on the videos, which I’m 100% ok with. At a time where games need to be over in 5 minutes, it will be nice to have something that takes a little longer (assuming of course the extra time results in depth, not just animation watching).

Still sad that we don’t have a Necromunda game though. I need to write up how I’d make that game, business model and all, as I’ve had it planned out for some time and in my head the whole thing remains brilliant.

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3 Responses to Mordheim is coming!

  1. Isey says:

    I got an email about this quite by surprise – I suppose it is because I have the Blood Bowl games, so that makes sense. I know little about this title but the enjoyment I have had with BB makes it a follow for me on Steam.

    • SynCaine says:

      Mordheim the tabletop is like Bloodbowl minus the football focus. Gang vs gang matches, with XP and upgrades and such. Different flavors of gangs, etc.

      I’ve actually never played the tabletop, but I did play a lot of Necromunda, which was the 40k version basically (though it came first).

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