CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Kakakoko Team 11/23/2014

(Stats and writeup provided by Delpez)

Supreme Cream! vs Kakakoko Team

Supreme Cream!


Average TH Level






Total Attacks Used



Total 3 Star Attacks



Total 3 Star %



3 Stars Against Same Level



3 Star % Against Same Level



3 Stars Against Lower Level



3 Star % Against Lower Level



TH4,5&6 3 Stars



TH4,5&6 3 Star %



TH7 3 Stars



TH7 3 Stars %



TH7 3 Stars (same level)



TH7 3 Stars % (same level)



TH8 3 Stars



TH8 3 Star %



TH8 3 Stars (same level)



TH8 3 Star % (same level)



TH8 Ave Stars / Attack (same level)



TH9&10 3 Stars



TH9&10 3 Star %



TH9&10 3 Stars (same level)



TH9&10 2 Star % (same level)



TH9&10 Ave Stars / Attack (same level)



When you open the war screen you’ll see the following:

Supreme Cream!

Kakakoko Team

Attacks Won



Attacks Used



That’s right, not only did we manage fourteen zero stars across all TH levels, our opponents easily bested us in number of attacks won. The reason I show this is to once again emphasize the importance of 3-stars. Unless you’re fighting against the top bases, a one or two star victory just does not mean that much; wars are won and lost on 3-stars. It’s no coincidence that our victory margin and the number of 3-stars margin is exactly the same.

Having said all that, this was a fantastic war. It’s hard to believe that such a simple system could provide such tension. It also illustrates how the game allows players with vastly different levels of participation to play together. People with other interests or little time can log in, do their war attacks and collect the loot at the end. Others are literally logged in for the duration of the war, following each battle and planning their own attacks in minute detail. Both these groups can contribute equally, although I would argue that the latter gets a whole additional level of entertainment.

As for the war stats, the numbers are slightly deceiving. With two hours to go we were actually behind by four stars, and the 3-star percentages were too close to call. We then embarked on an incredible run of ten 3-star attacks that sealed the victory. Exciting stuff! By town hall level we only did two TH6 attacks, and both failed because CC troops were not dealt with. The TH7’s from both clans did very well against each other, but our TH8’s beat theirs convincingly as far as 3-stars were concerned. We edged the top bases as well, which proved to be quite important in a close war such as this.

Some general comments and points for discussion:

With lower level giant attacks, it’s imperative to deal with clan castle troops first. No matter how good the rest of the attack is, it will fail if the CC troops are not pulled and killed before giants are deployed.

Mass dragon attacks are the best way to smash same level bases at TH7 and most of TH8. So getting access to dragons and levelling them should be a high priority for all TH7&8’s. At high TH8 and above other tactics become viable, although barcher is most certainly NOT one of them!

Our superior TH8 stats were influenced to a large degree by 19 attacks our opponents launched against four bases (Nickio, JHO, Livercat and Draconis). Of those the first three bases were definitely anti-dragon, while Draconis’ base also had elements of anti-dragon. This contributed significantly to their low 3-star percentage against our TH8 bases (42%). For reference, during the wars we lost our opponents consistently scored above 50% against our TH8’s. I know it’s not as glamorous, but this war was won on solid defence as much as good attacks. Just remember that good players can still 3-star an anti-dragon base, but their margin for error is smaller.

As far as spells and clan troops go for dragon attacks, we had success with various combinations. Some bases are definitely more susceptible to certain tactics, but I’d like to point out that 3 x Lightning seems to be the real thing at TH8 (see Jonneh’s attacks). It might not work on all bases, but keep it in mind if the opponent has an air defence or two that can be taken out relatively easily by the dragons (Lightning the other AD). However, I’m not sure how well it will work if all the AD’s are deep within the base.

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6 Responses to CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Kakakoko Team 11/23/2014

  1. Ranez says:

    Having run with a mix of heal+rage every war before this one, I’m glad i swapped to 3 zaps this time. Fairly sure I wouldn’t have got that 3* with heals/rage.

  2. sleepysam says:

    I haven’t reached any conclusions on heal/rage, rage/rage, or zapping for TH8 drake attacks. I’ve done them all. But I’m just now seeing my lvl 3 drakes in action. Ranez or others that have been attack with those drakes more often may have the best outlook. For a base without so much meat between drakes and 2 AD, I plan to lightning next war.

  3. Justin says:

    I’ve done a lot of lvl 3 drake attacks and if there are two halfway accessible AAs, then zap the third and go to town. This gets more risky as the AA goes to level 6 (at TH8). If they are deeper, I’ve had the best success even with lvl 6 AA by doing heal + 2 rage. Drop a rage and heal once your group of drakes is taking a lot of damage. Use the final rage to work your way to the 3rd AA. I saw Frooster do this really well a few wars back, and its been working for me.

    Another thing to try is to use your Barb King, clan castle troops, and/or a drake or two to funnel a main drake army into the center towards the AA. By clearing some of the sides first, fewer dragons will work off towards the edges.

    • Delpez says:

      It just looks so easy when Frooster does his dragon attacks! I get the idea that Rage/Heal combos are more powerful, but Lightning is more consistent. Unless you screw up the Lightning drops, you will always get what you want from your spells. Timing Heal and Rage spells are more tricky (for me at least!). It does seem clear that the Lightning strategy works best if the AD’s are spread apart and not grouped in the center, but I’ve seen some 3-star attacks with Lightning against anti-dragon bases too

  4. Justin says:

    Another thing to consider with dragon attacks is that two of the AA will typically be on one side of the TH. Bring your dragon attack from that side. The TH has a lot of health and the dragons will take a lot of damage destroying the town hall before approaching the last AA.

    • sleepysam says:

      The set of videos I posted in an earlier thread has a number of illustrations of the angle of attack using the vector Justin is describing.

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