Steam tales: We might not be friends anymore

There hasn’t been many, but whenever I see someone has purchased H1Z1 on my activity report on Steam, I think a little bit less of that individual. Be better everyone.

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5 Responses to Steam tales: We might not be friends anymore

  1. Can I put it on my wishlist? I almost never buy anything from that.

  2. GamerDroid says:

    It’s a good, solid game, and probably the best zombie survival game to date. It had a rocky start but has been patched fairly efficiently; taking on board community feedback and making changes. The P2W drama was uncalled for; I agree that it can only benefit PVP by creating PVP hotspots. I’m usually against alpha games in principle but I’ve greatly enjoyed this so far.

    Let’s have enough of the elitism and actually take a thorough in-depth look at something before bashing it.

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