Trolls aren’t always people either!

Theme day on the blog!

Somewhat random, but this video is a good glimpse into the winter we are having here in Mass. I post this from my office as the bedroom above me is not-so-slowly turning into a waterpark, and I have icicles over twenty feet tall and close to a foot thick hanging from basically every part of the roof. Let’s not talk too much about the weird yellowish ‘water’ pooling in the basement either.

The home insurance guy I talked to sounded like he was one call away from jumping out of a very tall window (and not into a fluffy snow bank), and I can’t blame him. Credit where it’s due, he gave me all the info I needed and basically said they cover everything related to this mess, so that was good.

But hey, at least I’m not selling hotbars for a living, so it’s not that bad.

:off to rotate bucks and play “what’s leaking now”:


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  1. tsuhelm says:

    Always dreamt of such deep snow, I gather the reality is slightly less appreciated!

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