CoC: About as good as it gets

Delpez should have the stats and writeup soon, but I wanted to jump ahead and post this:

Final war events

Final war events

In a 110-109 war, that we were down by ten stars or more for much of it, not only were our final five attacks all three-star hits, but the last moments saw four attacks happen in rapid succession, first Tirn bringing the war to a 108-108 tie, then their guy put them ahead by three-star’ing Durad (a 10 vs 37 matchup).

The two final attacks were even more critical. Their #4, a near-max TH9, attacked Jenks, our 35. He went GoWiPi, which should have crushed a mid-range TH8, but he didn’t pull the clan castle troops, and then sent all of his golems into the same spot, where they ended up banging on a wall while the defending wizards and others nuked them. He could have bailed himself out in a number of ways (like using his jump spell), but he didn’t. He also made a few more critical mistakes (not using his archer queen ability), and ultimately failed to three-star Jenks, which was a huge upset.

With that the stage was set for Justin, a fairly fresh TH9 (so basically a TH8 with a low-level AQ in terms of troops) to pull off a three-star using dragons against a near-max TH8. We have learned over time that while dragons at TH8 are very strong early on, a well-designed near-max TH8 base is very tough to three-star using dragons. Usually the attack is stopped by the last few defenses, and the margin of error is so small that even a single air bomb hitting too many dragons can be the difference, as can the placement of your heal/rage spells. If you use them well but not perfectly, you might come just short.

Justin pulled off a perfect attack however, especially with spell placement, and with the war clock at zero, the go-ahead star was scored and victory was ours. Crazy how thrilling the last 30 minutes or so of the war got, and plenty of cheers went out in chat right after. Good times.

PS: Silk pulling off two three-star attacks in the final hours was also huge, as were a large number of others with clutch attacks. I’m really glad we won too, because I derped badly with my main account’s first attack and also on my alt, so very happy that the clan picked up the slack and carried us all to victory.

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7 Responses to CoC: About as good as it gets

  1. Jenks says:

    Justin’s final attack saved for posterity:

    Most well behave dragons ever, they looked like the grounds crew at a stadium mowing side by side across the whole base. Amazing patience with the heal. Doesn’t get better.

    I’d also nominate RogerRabbit as a hero of the war who ate 9(!) of their attacks before the 10th one finally 3 starred him. That’s 11% of their entire team’s attacks trying to get that last star, awesome stuff.

  2. Tirn says:

    Great War!

    After my attack it was very briefly 109 – 108 with us leading. Their guy levelled to 109 a piece, Justin brought it home.

    CoC needs more spectator slots :)

    Great clan effort to get us to that winning point!

  3. Ranez says:

    You guys are making me want to play again. Great write up.

  4. Delpez says:

    Hey Ranez, you should come back we miss you! They’ve added stuff like clan levels and perks for wars, which brings a whole new purpose to warring. Also, you have the option to opt out of wars if you’re busy or need a break or if your king is training!

    Great write-up Syn. I had a crazy day and will start compiling the stats shortly. Will have it ready before the next war day.

  5. Silk says:

    Thanks for the shout out Syn! Great post as usual, I’ve watched Justin’s final attack a couple of times, so epic, most exciting war we have had as a clan so far.

  6. sleepysam says:

    Fantastic work in the final stage – very exciting stuff.

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