CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Texas Knights

(Stats and writeup by Delpez)

Great war and very nice write-up by Syncaine. Anytime you win by 1 star it’s very satisfying, especially if you have to come from way behind like we did. But firstly, let’s see how the clans matched up in terms of strength:

Nr. of TH’s

SC! Enemy
Nr of TH10 3 3
Nr of TH9 10 9
Nr of TH8 28 32
Nr of TH7 4 1
Ave TH level 8.27 8.31

Average experience per TH

SC! Enemy
TH9&10 93.5 96.8
TH8 78.3 76.5
TH7 56.0 58.0
Total 80.7 81.5

We had one more top level base, but our top bases were also less advanced. In contrast they had more TH8 bases but ours were at a slightly higher level. However, this is as close in strength as any war we’ve participated in. So let’s look at the attack stats and stars left behind:

Attack stats

SC! Enemy
Score 110 109
Total Attacks Used 88 89
Total 3 Star Attacks 28 21
Total 3 Star % 31.8 23.6
3 Stars Against Same Level 21 15
3 Star % Against Same Level 31.3 19.7
3 Stars Against Lower Level 7 6
3 Star % Against Lower Level 50.0 66.7
TH8 3 Stars 21 15
TH8 3 Star % 38.9 23.8
TH8 3 Stars (same level) 20 12
TH8 3 Star % (same level) 38.5 21.1
TH8 Ave Stars / Attack (same level) 2.0 1.8
TH9&10 3 Stars 7 5
TH9&10 3 Star % 26.9 20.8
TH9&10 3 Stars (same level) 1 2
TH9&10 3 Star % (same level) 7.1 11.1
TH9&10 Ave Stars / Attack (same level) 1.14 1.61

Stars left

SC! Enemy
TH10 5 8
TH9 8 11
TH8 13 6

Just looking at overall 3-stars numbers, it seems as if we should’ve won by a larger margin. However, we got hammered hard at the top, both in terms of average stars (1.14 vs. 1.61) and stars left behind (19/36 vs. 13/39). To compensate, our TH8’s comfortably beat them in 3-star numbers. Granted, we decided towards the end of the war that our TH9’s should attack down for easier stars, so the numbers are skewed a bit. However, the average stars/attack for our top level bases still suggest that we struggled even before that decision. This situation might become worse in the short term as a new batch of TH8’s are ready to level up. Really nothing to do about it except wait for our TH9’s to gain power and experience. Remember, the aim is to score at least 2-stars against all their TH9 bases.

Something to discuss is the composition of our TH8 clan castles. I’ve seen a number of dragon attacks (and my own GoWipe) ruined by a witch in the enemy clan castle. Sometimes the dragons spend ages killing the little skeletons, while being eaten alive by the AD’s. Also, the witches, archers and wizards all move at different speeds, so it’s a nightmare to pull and deal with them. I don’t know if we have enough players who can cook witches, but I suggest making more use of them in all our clan castles.

A final word on the new war against Noesantara. Compared to this war they appear slightly weaker at the top, but their TH8’s are also stronger. Not too many bases with viable GoWipe or Hogs, so they are going to attack mostly with dragons. They claim that their war record is 15-0-0, which means they are pretty competent at dragon attacks! Should be a similar war to the last one – let’s see if we can start stronger this time around, so we don’t need a crazy comeback!

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9 Responses to CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Texas Knights

  1. Jonneh says:

    I think we actually had a poor performance from a lot of people this war as well, I know my attacks were nowhere near as good as I could do and I saw a lot of the same from others. Them witches really are a pain in the butt though

    • Delpez says:

      I agree – I think it should’ve been an easier war. But it felt great winning, especially considering the start we had (30 stars behind at one point), and the high number of pressure attacks we 3-starred towards the end.

  2. sleepysam says:

    My success with drakes has fallen off the table. I feel like i was attacking max or near max th8 before with a bit more success than lately. Part of it is due to attacking on iphone rather than ipad my spell application is much worse on the phone.

    • SynCaine says:

      I can’t seem to pull off a decent dragon atk on my alt of late. I think we are just facing better anti-drag bases since we aren’t facing as many rando clans anymore.

  3. JHO says:

    Think I’m going to invest heavily in Laloonian. Trying to get 3 stars at TH9s is going to be pretty crucial. Following the last war, can we have a post covering some other COC victory tips, like not losing your phone or sleeping in?

    • JHO says:

      I would have put one of those winking smiley emoticons in after that, but I hate them.

      • SynCaine says:

        Losing phone OP, everyone knows that. Also I’m the last person to ask for LaLoonion help, I can’t pull even a one-star off with it.

    • Mikrakov says:

      I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos by a user called “Clashing with Matty” where he replays a bunch of 3 star attacks and analyses them, including a 9 part series on “Learning LaLoon”, was very informative for me on at least how to pay more attention to loon pathing, even if I am a long way from performing those attacks myself!

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