Hows that $150 trailblazer thingy working out for everyone?

What’s the term for something that is 90% vaporware?

Answer: An SOE product.

Smed just doing Smed things!

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4 Responses to Hows that $150 trailblazer thingy working out for everyone?

  1. carson63000 says:

    Well they always said that Landmark was supposed to be just a step on the road towards the “real” product, EQNext, didn’t they?

    (..which makes spending $150 on it even MORE incomprehensible..)

    Personally, I’d been starting to assum they were lying and that EQNext was actually vapourware, given how long they spent fiddling with Landmark whilst not saying anything about EQNext.

  2. I put $20 down on H1Z1 for zombie horror comedy and think I got some of my money’s worth out of that as part of the Goon invasion of the game. But if I had put $150 down on Landmark… well, I wouldn’t have because I have paid attention to SOE over the last decade and a half. There is still a non-zero chance that EverQuest Next won’t see the light of day and that Landmark will shut down before it goes live… and all the more so now that, as Daybreak, they have to live in the real world financially.

    Being owned by an investment group is like that scene from ‘Goodfellas.’ Didn’t make your numbers? Fuck you, where’s my money?

  3. tithian says:

    I always thought that Landmark was supposed to be an ‘alpha’ of sorts for the actual EQnext world. Maybe it still is. Marketing it as a stand alone product was weird since they announced it. Asking for 150$ for that seemed balls to the wall retarded, but hey at least it payed out for them. Pity most of that cash are probably now tied up in Sony after the split, and not in the actual development of EQNext.

    I’ll be very very surprised if they actually launch the game. To be honest, them dropping Storybricks was the red flag that made me think that EQN is vapourware.

  4. mhorgrim says:

    I never bought into the $150 investment. I personally found it silly to spend that much with really no tangible returns. Both my wife and I spent $20 each for I think it was called the Settler pack. Anyways, $20 didn’t hurt me that much when I saw it was time to quit because of the way they were evolving the game itself. honestly, I think it is currently a complete failure in both development and management. It didn’t surprise me after about the 5th live stream episode. Great dreams and vision, nothing tangible….

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