Skyrim Special Edition

Bethesda yesterday released Skyrim: Special Edition, which if you already owned Skyrim and its three DLC items, you got for free. For consoles, it’s a big upgrade in terms of graphics, but on the PC the baseline Skyrim:SE edition looks significantly worse than a highly modded version of the older Skyrim. That’s not a big surprise to me, but based on the Steam forum, it is for many.

The important part of this new version for PC players is that the core engine is now 64bit, and that shadows have been significantly improved. Why is this important? Because 64bit means far more memory for mods, meaning bigger and hopefully better mods overall. Mods already do some incredible stuff in Skyrim, and expanding on that capability is an exciting prospect. Shadows were something mods had trouble fixing due to engine limits, so those being made better out-of-the-box is important. Plus my guess is most Skyrim players already had all the DLC, so this is literally a free upgrade.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be starting up a new game just yet (I did watch the intro sequence to get a taste of the graphics), but once mods catch up and start to crack into the full potential of the SE, I likely will. Skyrim overall is fantastic, and I wouldn’t mind another go with it ‘soon’.

Edit: One issue I have however, no 3440×1440 support. Seriously how do you release an upgrade to a game engine and not support ultra-wide monitors?

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3 Responses to Skyrim Special Edition

  1. Coppertopper says:

    This is really worth a watch to see some of the less advertised improvements in the remaster.

    • SynCaine says:

      Great video, thanks. Sounds like a return to Skyrim SE will have to wait a few months at least.

      • coppertopper says:

        Yea need SKSE updated to make so many of the best mods functional. Hope the authors do jump on it. Don’t think I could play through without immersive armors/weapons. The water flow improvement though just blew my mind.

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