What playing way too much DarkFall gets you.

Things change quickly in DarkFall, on both a personal scale and on the grand political scale. With the game still in its infancy, everyone is scrambling to establish and maintain alliances, and guilds that were allies just hours ago are now enemies and vice versa. I’m guessing things will settle down eventually, but right now it’s a shitshow. The biggest fear everyone has overall is the establishment of two mega-alliances, and that basically being it. Given the number of guilds and egos however, it’s tough to see this happening, especially considering the size of the world. Who would want to travel two hours or more to maybe defend a city/hamlet with some guild you never interact with? Hopefully just the sheer size of the map will naturally separate guilds and alliances, we will see.

On the personal side, this weekend was highly entertaining. On Saturday a group of five Inquisition members went out to hunt some trolls. The area is accompanied by a killcounter-style quest, where you have an hour to kill as many trolls as possible, with a higher payout the more you kill. The quest is repeatable, and you must kill at least 10 to get any pay. This trip was very successful, as we had just the right amount of firepower to kill the trolls as they spawned, and after an hour we all left with 400ish gold and random gear/regents.

Thinking to repeat our success on Sunday, with the quest money going to our hamlet fund, a group of nine went out to hunt again. This time, we ran across a few LoD members (a guild we are at war with), and as expected a fight broke out. While we had them outnumbered, our group contained some of our newer members and overall we lacked some of our key PvP leaders, and so the fighting went sour quickly. The difference in DarkFall PvP over other games is that the lack of giant red names above everyone’s head makes just finding your enemy tough, and when you throw in friendly fire, just having more people on your side does not guarantee victory. Actual PvP skill factors in heavily, and the guys we were facing were no joke.

After the scramble, we regrouped and went back a bit more organized. Running into LoD again, this time the fight went our way, and soon two of them lay dead and looted, the rest chased away. With the area cleared, and a friendly guild taking up one of the troll spawn spots, our group picked another and started killing. While we did not have the full hour to work with, we still managed to get the quest completed for a few members (I was at 9 kills, ugh). Just as the timer was running down, another enemy guild showed up and started raining arrows down at us while we were still engaged with a troll or two. Two of us went down, myself included (mass arrows by surprise hurt). I was picked up by a quick-thinking guild member, and full of loot, we called it and ran for our lives. Luckily the enemy did not pursue, and we regrouped back at the wilderness bank to sell and collect our rewards. Not a perfect trip by any means, but still overall fun and a good learning experience.

Later that day, while killing some dwarves with two other guild members, the two worst PKs in the world ran into us. Now I’m not sure what their plan was exactly, but they both came in on mounts and started attacking us (poorly). As we were very close to water, we jumped in, and sure enough the two followed us. Mounts travel at the same speed a player does in water, without the option of fast swimming at the cost of stamina or diving underwater. In other words, don’t enter water on a mount and try to fight. These guys must not have learned that lesson yet, so we happily taught it to them, killing one guys mount and then the other. Now at this point the tables had turned, and it was 3v2 with everyone on foot and basically all healthy. It also helped that the two PKs ran in different directions, making it easy for the three of us to focus on one and chase him down. After a few minutes of him burning stamina by swimming and diving (all while taking mana missiles to the back), he clearly ran out as the go on land and did not proceed to sprint away. As we still had some stam, we sprinted up to him and hacked him down. In somewhat of a surprise, the PK actually had some loot on him from other players he must have killed, including some ore, tools, and assorted gear, not to mention the banded set he himself was wearing. Come back any time you two, your donations are always appreciated.

To finish off, late Sunday night we organized another group trip to the men-at-arms dungeon I wrote about previously. Just as tough as I remembered it, it took us a few minutes to get ourselves established and in a good spot to kill the little humans. Once we got rolling, the tombstones started popping and the loot was flowing, men-at-arms drop some very nice banded and scale armor, along with solid rank 10 and 20 weapons. Skinning them also yielded a good amount of bone and other materials.

After close to an hour, we spotted another player across the room we were farming. Unguilded, poorly equipped, and alone, he did not pose much of a threat and made no move towards us. Which in any other game this would mean return to farming, in DarkFall anyone is a potential threat and must be taken as such. Crossing the room into the hallway our visitor had occupied, we heard fighting noises in the distance (sound is very important in DarkFall) and proceeded to investigate, as there was no way someone so poorly equipped and alone would be able to handle much of anything in this dungeon. Sure enough, we ran into two members of Lucid Visions (another enemy guild), and decided quickly that the best way to say hello is to chop them up. They made for rather easy pickings, as the hallway was tight and they were already engaged with some mobs. Attacked on both sides, they quickly dropped, and we looted them for some VERY nice stuff. My guess is they had been farming the dungeon for quite some time, as they had a good amount of gold and gear on them, not to mention the full scale set one was wearing. With those two kills we decided to end on a high note, as our bags were full of high-priced loot and it was getting late.

So yes, another great weekend in DarkFall. Lost some gear, gained more back, took part in a city siege (kinda but not really, long boring story, other than it was cool to see 200+ people on screen with the framerate still above 30+ with only shadows turned off), and overall had a great time with my guild.

For those keeping count, yes, I played a stupid amount of DarkFall over the weekend. That’s what not having kids and having a very cool and understanding fiancé does for you, I’m lucky and I know it. Be jealous! (somewhat inside joke, relax)

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14 Responses to What playing way too much DarkFall gets you.

  1. Beau says:

    Sounds like ya having fun. And I agree about the no kids thang. I don’t like them things..they poop themselves more than I do.
    As far as an “understanding” fiance’..I prefer a wife that actually games! lol


  2. Werit says:

    Neat stories Syn, keep them coming. While Darkfall isn’t for me, I do like to read about it.

  3. Hiryu02 says:

    You do a good job of making the game sound attractive, I wish I wasn’t so shallow. I love the premise, but the art direction isn’t my cup of tea. Also, from what I saw, the animation needs work. I’d like to see what aventurine does some years from now, a sequel/update with polished animation and effects on this same game engine would be great.

  4. syncaine says:

    I’ll be honest, the game looks NOTHING like the videos I saw of the game, and even high-res screen shots are tough. It’s a different style for sure (some cell shading, etc), but its not exactly ugly (it’s better looking than most F2P games for instance, and imo a small step below WAR)

    The whole graphics/animation thing is an issue for all of about 10 minutes, and then you get into the game and forget all about it. I’m going back and forth between WAR and DF right now, and while WAR overall is ‘better’ looking, I don’t find DF to look ‘bad’, just different.

  5. Ralex says:

    You’ve got me convinced to get into the game once there is an NA server.

    I think your guess about multiple alliances is probably right if the world is so large. How would you compare the world size (and travel time/difficulty) to the universe size in EVE?

  6. syncaine says:

    It’s tough to compare it to EVE, because of warp gates and jumps in EVE. If we are going on a straight “start on one end, travel straight until you hit the other”, I think DF is bigger, but honestly I don’t really know. It took as a good hour to travel to an enemy guild city on foot, and that was less than a quarter of the way across the world. Corner to corner from the islands would take forever, even on a mount.

  7. Zhao says:

    Hey Syn,
    Great DF articles. I’ve enjoyed reading everything you have posted about the game. I am both very intrigued and scared by this game at the same time (my first MMO was WoW, but have now graduated to WAR and I have never played a full-looting game before!).

    I am very curious about a few things. Are there any RPers in DF? And if not, do you think there is room for RPing in an MMO like DF? And have you seen an equal breakdown of the character races in DF? Or does there seem to be an abundance of some, fewer of others? (Personally, I’m very interested in the Mahirim race.) Also, I know your guild is focused on becoming stronger, but has there been any exploration into the deeper regions of the continent?

    Thanks for your time!


  8. syncaine says:

    I believe there are a few RP guilds, yes. I’m thinking playing in a sandbox makes it a little easier to RP than in a themepark, but I don’t really know.

    As far as race breakdown, I’m not sure. Since guilds can be made up of any combo of races, it’s not a factor like it is in WAR. If I had to guess, dwarfs are the least popular, but that’s just total speculation. I believe humans are the most popular. The master race (Mahirim) are of course the best choice.

    As for exploration, we have been as far as the mid-southern area of the map (dark elves or whatever), as well as the west-most island, and the north-western coast. So I’ve seen (in parts) perhaps 15%-20% of the map? I don’t know about others in the guild. For the map itself, all corners are populated by someone, as towns/hamlets are all over. The very middle (the dark space) is unsettled, but I believe guilds do venture in to hunt the uber mobs. Again speculation.

    Hope that helps.

  9. I remember reading in the F.A.Q. that the Mahirim could drop down on all 4’s and travel as fast as a mount. Did this make it in the game?

    I’m assuming they can travel as fast as a mount, but without the feature of mounted combat.

  10. syncaine says:

    Nope, not in the game. Mahirim have to use mounts just like everyone else.

  11. Bonedead says:

    Oh I am jealous!

  12. Werit says:

    Eve is a single ‘world’/server, so they have to be bigger.

    Overall it sounds very similar to Eve’s 0.0. The guild/alliance politics and wars will be the meat of the game. Darkfall sounds a bit easier to get going after dying compared to Eve though, but that is a good thing.

  13. Zensun says:

    I posted this poll (http://forums.darkfallonline.com/poll.php?do=showresults&pollid=6311) on the DF forums some time ago to get an idea about which races people rolled and, Syn, you nailed it: dwarves are by far the least rolled race.

  14. Andrew says:

    Sounds like fun. I’m not in a guild so it looks like I’m missing out on a lot.

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