Kickstarter: Backing Stash

I remember hearing about Frogdice’s Stash a while ago, but at that time it was very early in production and didn’t have much to show. Back then it was yet another MMO that sounded good on paper, and if I gave money to every MMO that sounded good on paper, I be rather broke.

Now Stash is back for round two on Kickstarter, only this time there is a lot more to see, and what I see looked good enough to back it. The main selling feature for me is the turn-based combat, along with the focus on a home base that doubles as a crafting facility. I also like the art style, especially the combat animations.

Overall it looks/sounds like a different type of MMO, one that still has enough MMO features (mainly playing/interacting with others) to be called an MMO, but also something that doesn’t appear as time-consuming or ‘must keep up’ as traditional MMOs. I can easily see Stash being that second MMO I play during some downtime, plucking away and making progress without the pressure to play play play.

Plus at $15 to get into the beta and the game, it feels very low risk with a good chance of a nice reward.

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  1. Caldazar says:

    My main issue with this is that Stash is the follow up of Threshold RPG, which as a game was/is a prime example of ‘microtransaction required’ type of mud.

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